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  • Superstar failure – wheels and service time.
  • barik

    Please excuse me, duff as in ‘not worth sending out, because it has an obvious design flaw problem.’

    But as everyone has said, lets see what happens!

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    Don’t get worried about iolo, he likes to bad mouth another company.

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    dannyh – Member

    Pads ruining brake systems? Sounds like cobblers to me. How exactly?

    I’d assume just meant ruined the performance. Which is still weird tbh.

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    <sniggers> at Drac… 🙂

    had the exact same tesla free hub issue, the whole thing suddenly jammed up mid ride. Superstar took their time but got the wheel rebuilt with tesla evos, wheels were returned 3 weeks later with the wrong adaptor! one phone call and another 3 days later they were running again?

    any one need 135×12 adaptors for a tesla evo £5 inc p&p?


    to dangerousdonald: 3 bloody weeks….


    Barik – from what’s been said, it’s now much faster on warranty turnaround. Be nice and you’ll get more help – kick off and get bare minimum.


    My Superstar freewheel failed. I took it off, posted it back to them and got a new one by return.

    The wheelset was cheap (I couldn’t afford Hope etc, at the time) so I took the risk and they kept their end of the bargain.


    Premier Icon tomaso

    The freehubs sound more reliable that some of the Specialized ones that barely last 2 months.

    I neglected a Hope rear hub and the bearings collapsed in the freehub and at the pawls and inner hub…

    I’ ve had great experiences with SS pads over last 5 years. Their bearing tools are handy bits of kit and their other cheapoi tools are OK. I would never buy a bottom bracket or hewadset though


    So the superstar hubs fail, they pay for return carriage will repair or replace and post them back out within a few days or couple of weeks at worst?

    Is this not better and quicker than the turn around of the same hubs via the other manufacturers and resellers, especially as superstar seem to do this way after the first year?

    I have used superstar for a number of years and have found their after sales either blindingly fast or rather slow but ultimately they do deal with things to a good resolve and certainly no worse than any of the other box shifters.


    I’ve had two tesla’s break, either the pawls stopped engaging completely, or the axle snapped and wrecked the insides, got a trizoid as replacement which seems better, but it eats bearings, how people go 2 years without servicing them is a mystery to me….

    My Superstar tesla review is if your thinking of buying them, you’ll need to buy two wheel sets as you’ll then have one to play with whilst the others broke and being sorted! I suppose i should touch wood in future but my new tesla evo freehub just destroyed itself!
    The pawls in these hubs are not strong enough! The old tesla hub had the same trouble back in november time and here i am again! Come on superstar sort it out!

Viewing 12 posts - 91 through 102 (of 102 total)

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