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  • Supernova reflectors
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    Has anyone ridden supernova at pitch hill recently? I rode it tonight and someone has stuck a ton of reflectors on the trees all the way down. Won’t matter during the daytime, but it’s awful at night, massively distracting if you have lights.

    I am lost as to why someone would want to do this, not sure if it’s someone thinking it’s somehow helpful or if it’s someone trying to disrupt bikers

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    Rode it Wednesday night, and saw it for the first time.

    As you say quite distracting at first as its rather unusual but just slowed down to look/take in the view then ignored and carried on.

    Looks quite fun, it’s certainly a spectacle, perhaps someone’s interpretation of Christmas lights? Though not sure screwing(?) a load of bits of plastic to trees is necessarily a good idea unless it was sanctioned…

    I doubt its meant to be either helpful or disruptive to bikers.

    There will be people who are outraged and people who it brings a bit of cheer to no doubt.

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