Superenduro Italy licence requirements?

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  • Superenduro Italy licence requirements?
  • Grum p


    On a bit of a whim, I fancy entering the final round of the Italian Superenduro series. To register you need to provide your licence ID to “membership to U.C.I. or any other national cycling club.” which I don’t have and I’d rather pay the £15 for a provisional BC licence than £66 for the full licence, it being for 1 race only.

    A quick search gives this for background:
    DavidM, how did it work out for you?

    Will see what the organisers say, but keen for anyone’s 1st hand knowledge.


    Grum p

    Perhaps another way to phrase it would be, does the BC provisional licence, i.e. the one that comes with “bronze” membership, have a UCI code?


    I don’t know anything about BC licenses but I live out in Italy and have raced very occasionally (MTB Granfondo). I now have a local racing license but before this I have raced without doctors note or BC license but that may have been a more flexible event.

    I am checking with a couple of mates out here who often attend races with travelling Brits and may know if the BC license would be accepted


    You would need a racing licence, not just BC membership.
    This means at a minimum Silver level BC membership, then the racing licence is on top.

    But it depends how strict the organisers are, a medical note might be all you need in Italy, they are usually quite relaxed – unlike Spain.

    Grum p

    Cheers guys.

    I’m mostly used to trail running races in France where you can either be part of a nationally sanctioned body, or just have a doctors note saying you promise not to die on the way round.

    Friend’s who’ve done the tribe enduro series in France also just needed a doctors note so I’m hoping the Superenduro guys will say the same, once they’ve translated my email (alas my Italian language skills is limited to coffee and ice cream. Important subject, but of marginal use when trying to ask about licence requirements, and I’m not convinced the google translate quite got it right….)

    Another option….

    We were out in Sauze for the previous round, with no license nor had signed up (or had the medical cert.).

    No problems, it was a 5 Euro surcharge for the non-license (to cover a day license) and no issue with the medical cert/doctors letter…the organisers were happy to see more peeps entering (and of course, they are Italian)..

    Didn’t race in the end, hadn’t been on the bike for about 18 months (in anger) and the course broke me in practise!….super good riding as alwways though!

    I’d ridden the Punta course a week before and that was good fun and plenty technical too!



    Hi – I “raced” this last year and you do need the race licence. We emailed the organizers as it wasn’t clear and they confirmed you need the usual BC membership, plus the BC Race licence. No separate UCI race licence is needed.

    Its done on a calendar year basis so you don’t need to pay the full £60 though.

    …however, the Finale race sold out some time ago, so you may just need to enter for next year, or enter one of the earlier ones that arn’t part of the EWS.



    As has been mentioned, Finale is now fully sold out – I got lucky early season to get in for this! Tolfa is still available (I’m racing there too).

    You need either a BC licence or face the ballache of getting an Italian doctor’s note to say you are safe to cycle and then paying a fee.

    The SuperEnduro events are phenomenal – organisation, trails, atmosphere is all top notch. And they also have a much higher calibre of pit girls too……. 😉


    likewise, I’m in as well. Can’t wait!!

    Grum p

    As pointed out by several of you above, the Finale finale is full. Shall plot for next year with a slightly higher degree of organisation applied.

    Good luck to all competing, it’s an amazing place even if it doesn’t go well!

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