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  • LoCo

    Collection of bikes any day, so far I have about 1 and 4/5 bikes 😕
    Given the choice

    Ducati desmosedici

    Voxom boxer VB1

    Vincent black shadow

    TZ 750

    Bimota tesi 😯

    I could go on but I think that's probably blown the budget already 😀

    and something by this guy


    Supercar for me

    A TVR Sagaris passed me last Sunday on the Horseshoe pass, i've never been so envious 🙁


    Bike every time
    what would they be- new bmw 1000rr would be top of my list
    then new aprilia v4 and loads of dirt bikes as well

    oh and of course that old moto guzzi v8


    Ahhhh… I was talking about the 'pedal bicycle' variety of super bikes chaps 🙂 Hence why the post is in the 'bike forum' and not the 'chat forum' 😉


    comment i heard yesterday, customer had taken their ferrari for a drive, it broke down. Called the manufacturers helpline, conversation, "have you driven it in the rain", "yes", "that'll be the problem then, one of the sensors doesn't like water and it lives in the wheel arch."


    I love my bikes but i wouldn't say no to owning a Mini Cooper 1071 'S' or any ex-works rally Mini. Those in the know will know what i mean.


    Well, unless you take it to a track, you'll probably never really experience the full potential of a supercar, and all but a tiny number of people aren't good enough drivers to exploit that potential anyway. Most people are, contrary to their own beliefs, quite poor drivers in reality. Their driving 'skills' would struggle to do a Ford Focus ST justice.

    Whereas bikes, on the other hand, even an average rider could benefit from a really nice bike, over a bog standard one (lighter, better components etc). Yet a 'superbike' wouldn't cost 20-30 times what an average cost bike would, more like 4 or 5 (assuming something like a £600-800 'ordinary' bike). You'd find it quite difficult to have a custom bike built that would cost more than £4k really. I dare say you could spend loads more, but only on esoteric fripperies.

    Stable of nice bikes, and a stylish, comfy old car to cruise about in!


    The lure of the supercar is slowly becoming a bit of a 20th century relic isn't it?

    I imagine you can blame that mostly on the anti-cool of the Clarkson creature..


    sorry! If we're talking 150k super push bikes I'd get custom Ti hardtail, 5" travel trail bike and a DH bike built for me.


    I've already got two bikes and I don't want any more. One of these please. I even like the colour.

    b r

    My old zx9r was quick, and cost less than the tyres on most supercars – and more importantly could overtake ANYWHERE.

    Donington Park to Aylesbury in less than one hour (including obeying all 30/40 speed limits)?


    Riding through Kensington today, cruised past a couple of Ferraris and Lambo's sitting in traffic, nice cars it has to be said… but… it got me thinking a little as I continued along: given the choice, which would I prefer, a super bike or a super car?

    Now I know a super car goes for a lot more money and all, but in relative terms (ie £150k car or a stable of 'no expense spared' bikes), which would you rather have in your possession? Personally, I think I'd rather own a bevy of beautiful 'custom made for me' super bikes 🙂 How about you?

    And, to further the question, what would they be (if you're going for the bikes?)

    nickegg, my mother wrote one off! 😥

    Now, can you get a bike rack on the back of a V600 Le Mans Aston Martin? More to the point, can I get the rack colour matched?

    Premier Icon mesh

    Almost died of shock seeing an Alfa 8C driving through Rawdon yesterday, now that is a car I would happily blow a chunk of money on(even just to look at!)


    It has to be a super car! I already have have 3 custom built bikes. Now would it be a gt3 or gallardo?

    That's the question


    If you are ever lucky enough to get a go of a supercar you really won`t want a bike. Sunny day roof down in a Ferrari 😆 the only thing is i know i will never ever have the cash to buy one 😥


    CaptainFlashheart….I take that and raise you!

    My father wrote off an Aston Martin V8 Vantage after hitting a fox!!! Although he did have a Jenson Interceptor as a second car 😆


    Are you living in the U.K. climate? Car as rain ruins bike rides (4me)

    If no budget-get both! I'd love a sports bike for summer days.


    Jenson Interceptor my neighbour had one of those when i was a kid. That car is to blame for my love of speed,when i was eight he gave me and my dad a lift in it i still remember that day,i remember it being the fastest car ever 😆


    Bikes – who wants to sit in traffic.

    Full sus Ti tandem

    something nice and retro

    Superlighweight hardtail Custom built

    Full sus of some sort – Nicholai?

    Ducati desmosedici

    Boss Hawg for sillyness.

    Custom BMW – R1200RS ( they never made one) with supercharger

    Then maybe start on teh cars – rebuilt / modernised db5 / e type

    Jesnon interceptor

    GSXR 1000 engined smart


    If you are ever lucky enough to get a go of a supercar you really won`t want a bike

    I'm not really a 'petrolhead', so I'm not bothered about how fast a car is. You're not going to be able to get any fast car up to maximum speed on any British roads (legally), only on a track, which is just going round and round. Motor racing is completely different; that, I can understand.

    The primary function of 'supercars' is to serve as an indication of the wealth/economic status of the owner. If you're really into speed, then get into motor racing, or land speed record attempts or whatever. As has been shown on Top Gear, a Caterham or an Ariel Atom is bastard fast, so if speed's your thing then get one of those, maybe. In the hypothetical scenario that you have a free reign to drive a car as fast as you can, on public roads, most people woulds find a modest 'sports car more than enough. Don't kid yourself, that just because you can spin the wheels of your Ford Mundane or get your Nissan Micra sideways, that you could do a Lamborghini Fastbastard justice, you couldn't. You'd crash and burn. Imagine yourself on Lance Armstrong's bike; he'd still cane you on a Ridgeback.

    I can appreciate the desire for engineering perfection; a BIC Biro is adequate, so why have a Mont Blanc fountain pen? It's just nice to have nice things. But with cars, most of us would never be able to enjoy what they are really capable of. So, perhaps better to go for something a little more modest, or attainable.

    Which is where bicycles come in. For a fraction of the cost of a supercar, you could have an absolutely amazing bike. One which could take you where no Ferrari ever could. To remote places of peace and tranquility. Cars need roads; mountain bikes don't.

    It's a bit like houses; why would you want to burden yourself with a 20 bedroom mansion, when a 3 bed house is perfect?

    Is it for you, or to impress the neighbours?

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    Weighing up performance / fun per pound, the bike must surly win everytime????

    I've never been turned on by cars to be honest. I'm 2 wheels through and through 🙂

    Most supercars I ever see are driven by tubby bald men in their late 50's onwards 🙂 lol

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    It's nice to be able to feel like you're controlling something rather than having ABS/TC/ESP/Airbags etc etc to help you out.

    I'd say that riding a bike quickly takes more skill / nerve than driving a car quickly IMHO

    Plus you get stuck in jams in a car.


    Talkemada, you should start a religous cult.. That is a perfect overview of our world….only wish I could have expressed my views so well….


    If you could afford a super car then a 6k bike would be peanuts to you as isn't that the running costs of a super car. Oh and supercar for me please (a lambo). for me a supercar is just as much about how it looks as how fast it can go.


    Cars are crap. And there's no such thing as a 'superbike' you have to pedal ffs!
    I'd have one of these –

    Amd one of these –

    And one of these –

    And one of these for the traffic –

    as I said to Mrs Fascist a few weeks ago. Thank heaven we're not rich, otherwise I'd be collecting cars like I do bikes 😆

    ofc, if I had the money for a supercar (more likely a barn full of classics), I'd also have enough for the bike collection so the answer is both, but I wouldn't give up the bikes to be able to afford the car. My dream collection is close to the one I've got;

    853 Evil Sovereign fitted as a trail bully
    Cotic Road rat fitted for commuting and touring
    Ibis Tranny fitted up light and singlespeed
    Kona Stinky Dee-lux dressed as itself

    I'd like to swap the Stinky for something (but don't use it enough to justify that and I'd like to add a mid travel trail bike, probably a Spider 2 (although the Yeti ASR carbon 5 looks mighty tempting)


    Bikes are as good as the rider most of the time. On the other hand, a good car can flatter you and put a huge grin on your face.

    I'd probably go for an E30 M3 (white, with blister arches), a 190 Evo (yes, the one with the aero kit, in black), a Delta Evo 2 (Martini or Red, obviously) or all of the above if I were spending my own money. If I were going to go for a real supercar, I'd be tempted by an Ultima GTR or the new Mclaren. Or an old 911 RS.

    This would be my only dilema… I've been lucky enough to try a GT3 RS and a standard Gallardo in anger and they are both mental. I WOULD like a Desmodicci, but you can't sleep in a superbike when the mrs throws you out for spending all of your time with your new car/bike…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I would say bikes…

    However I do enjoy driving “Enthusiastically” not really something that’s worth doing in a £150K + nob extension once you factor in the silly cost of ownership/maintenance and the fact that you may as well have a big sign saying “FINE ME” stuck on the side…

    If I had £150K spare I’d have the bike fleet AND a caterham or westfield 7 I think, nothing fancy but probably a better way to get your motorised kicks that a Ferrari or Porsche I reckon… But bikes have to be first priority I reckon…


    A real thing of beauty


    As a ex-biker, I'd have to say car everytime. That blue GT3's very nice. This is a must see

    Premier Icon chakaping

    A real thing of beauty

    Funny, that's way too swoopy for my liking. It's the SX Trail of sports cars! I'd take the Lambo instead any day.

    If I was daft enough to spend the price of a house on a car, that is.

    What's going on with those road signs though? They don;t make it easy for you there, do they?


    Gallardo please (if we are talking ONLY £150k) even Mrs Ache says its ok but she isnt keen on bikes.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I'm not really into all the new stuff, I'd have to have:

    1967 GT500
    Escort Cosworth (with just the small spolier)
    Sierra RS500
    Opel Manta
    Mk2 Golf GTi mk2 in Oak Green
    Lotus Carlton
    Alfa 155 V6
    The original M3

    They're all supercars in my world 🙂

    Possibly even stretch to an Allegro Vanden Plas if I had enough pennies left 🙂


    Possibly even stretch to an Allegro Vanden Plas if I had enough pennies left

    LOL! 😆

    When I was younger(er), a lad I knew, who owned a Maestro Vanden Plas, scoffed at my mate's tatty canary yellow Datsun 120y.

    Until the Datsun burned him on a stretch of motorway. I don't think he ever lived the shame down.

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