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  • Supa gard on cars body work… Is it worth it?
  • Smee

    Not worth it.


    Wax, not polish.


    Had it done on my new car, would,nt bother again waste of money


    I supaguarded my Vito Sport last night 🙂 Coincidence.

    Is it worth it? – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
    Dealers pay about £20-£30 for it plus application. They then retail it for upto £299. Massive profits. Here is the thing though, google ebay for Supaguard and you should be able to buy the sponge thing for £20-£30. Thats what i used last night and it was no more difficult than a normal polish.

    Does It Work – Yes, in the main it does protect the paint better than normal polish and i have seen cars after 3 yrs with it on and they do look better. I will report back on wether i dont have to polish it again for 3 yrs, we will see.

    If i was you i would do her a favour and buy one off ebay then offer to apply it for her in return for, well she will owe you one.

    Premier Icon younggeoff

    Supaguard is imo a complete waste of money. Spend some cash on decent wax (not polish) swissol or something similar and do the car with that.


    Wouldn’t bother. If they’re that into keeping it immaculate ‘of a Sunday morning’ they’ll soon know what stuff to use on it. To steal a quote from another thread it’ll soon look like a “badly filled skip”.

    Salesman in ‘selling pointless extra shit’ shocker.


    It isnt pointless though. It does protect the paint better than a normal polish and it does reduce the need to re polish the vehicle. I have seen the difference and been on presentations where they have shown its merits (I have fallen asleep at them unfortunately).

    For £299 its a rip off. For £20 i would do it as its the cost of 4 car wash trips.


    I’ve found sheer abject laziness greatly reduces the need to polish my car 🙂

    Havent tried that one yet. Is it like not washing your hair, eventually it starts producing its own cleaning oils?

    Premier Icon DezB

    The interior is Supaguarded too.
    Has kept MrsDezb’s interior nice (ahem).
    (But then we did get a discount off my brother.)

    Edit – hang on, what I meant to say is, if the car is likely to get cleaned about as infrequently as my wife’s does, then I would say it’s worth it.


    Havent tried that one yet. Is it like not washing your hair, eventually it starts producing its own cleaning oils?

    Well, it’s aquired some green slimey stuff in places, so you might be onto something. Fingers crossed in a few months it will turn beautiful and shiny.


    A colleague is about to buy her 1st new motor (thanks srappage allowance!)

    As she’s going for a basic model, the dealer’s tryiing to flog various extras such as this supa guard to protect interior trim and exterior paint.

    Is it worth it? Surely polish and normal cleaning stuff will do the same?

    What’s the verdict


    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    If it really was any use at all, then the manufacturers would do it themselves to reduce the risk of warranty claims from bird droppings.

    Filed under other snake oil products such as STP, Redex, Water Wetter and Slick50. Unprovable marketing cr@p.

    (Slick50 finally had their asses sued by the SAE a while ago for being unable to substantiate any of their claims).


    Is there a Fenwicks/Muc-Off equivalent for cleaning a car?

    Ideally wet the car, spray miracle cleaner on it, leave for a minute, rinse it off with water, hey presto shiny clean car.

    Premier Icon bowglie

    Bought a ‘supaguarded’ ex-demo motor about 8 years ago (didn’t pay extra for the superguard). I was very sceptical about supaguard – having heard what a money spinner it is for the dealers. Have to say though, I was very surprised, as the car did retain that ‘just waxed’ feel for about 2 to 3 years – even with my wifes non-existant car cleaning regime.

    If you can get a DIY kit for £20 or £30 quid, I’d say it’d be worth a punt.

    Premier Icon bowglie

    Oh p.s. though – whatever your colleague does, tell her not to pay two or three hundred quid for it. If she doesn’t want to apply the supaguard herself, I’m sure a car valet place would do it for a fraction of the dealer price.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    its pap i wasted over £100 on it was rubbish


    dont bother , i had it done on my passhat and after about two years it flaked off leaving patches all over the car making it look a right mess , now i have to t-cut the whole car and have it done again or be left with a scabby motor . so my answer would be definatley not , keep your money in your pocket

    Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection basically does the same for the bodywork. Leaves a thin extra coat bonded to the paintwork that give a better shine, its easier to clean, and provides some extra stone chip protection.

    Used it on all my cars once a year – £10 at Halfords will give you about 5 years worth. Probably about 2 hours work. I also pre-prep with their Super Resin Polish but not really necessary on a new car


    Had it done on my honda when I bought it – it was the only freeby left the dealer could offer me, paintwork and seats were done 🙂 Put it this way I wouldn’t pay to get it done, doesn’t make any difference at all.

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