Sunday – who's working today?

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  • Sunday – who's working today?
  • I am for starters. The only riding is the 14-ish miles each way commute. And it's sunny and warm, no wind, glorious. Shame…

    Me, but I'm leading a 25mile MTB ride πŸ˜†

    Could be a bit hot though and you never know who's turning up until its time to set off. I just hope that they read between the lines on the route description and turn up on at least a well maintained bike.

    Ho hum, it would be quite nice without the punters.


    Yep just got in, kettle's on and expecting a long draggy, quiet day as every other person round here is gonna be on the beach!

    Yup just thinking how much i don't want to be here!!


    Not proper working but have revision for my final exam on Weds.



    It's always sunny when I'm revising.


    also revising. nice. still, just over 2 weeks and i'll have a bit of free time to make up for it!

    Premier Icon peajay

    Working at 15.00 till 22.00, get time and a half on a Sunday, so not all bad, get Monday and Tuesday off, :0)

    I'm bloody working. Offshore, and stuck here due to the combined efforts of the weather in the Northern North Sea and the ash pouring out of Eyjafjajkenfnnjbfjrewallllfebwqeu=okukklllokull. I was originally due home last Tuesday. Now me and the future missus are shitting it cos I'm due to get married on Friday.

    I'm building a pylon! Nice day for it πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon tthew

    Not supposed to be, but it looks like I'm in for a day's organising of some opportune maintenance if the original breakdown can't be sorted in the next couple of hours. Spent most of last weekend there as well, and it's meant to be a 9 to 5 job 😑

    Nightshift for me tonight


    Database Server had a power cut on sat morning and somehow I'm here fixing someone else's problem when then sun is shining! grrr

    At least I got a London-Brighton road ride in yesterday πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Daffy

    7 hours of revision to go before I can knock off.


    In work just now but that's so I can take tomorrow off and go biking with mates.


    Me, since 5am. Just got back from Corsica – where, interestingly, it's exactly the same temperature as Manchester.


    yep, 2 shows to shoot today and also got to give a projector a swift kick as its decided it doesn't want to play ball. Still, at least I'm in a venue where i cant see the sunshine!


    Just back from a day drystone walling with volunteers and packing truck up to go marram grass planting/perving down the beach tomorrow…


    night shift down a hole πŸ™„


    Just over 2hrs to go in St Chavs Hospital for the Workshy – been here since 08.00. There is a beer in the fridge with my name on it. πŸ˜€

    Just got back home cream-crackered. The boss was acting like a boss so no fun at all. No beer though, maybe a glass of white (or water more like). Quick shower now, ice-pack onto my crotch (the Irish roads are incompatible with my body) and "Regeneration" by Pat Barker. Nice evening ahead πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I've been asleep most of the day, as i'm on night shifts at the mo πŸ™

    I slept out in the back garden in a nice shaded bit though, so it isn't all bad 8)

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