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  • Summers arrived, who's off work and going out to play?
  • bjj.andy.w

    Off work but no biking for me sadly. Had keyhole surgery on my knee to clean out some cartalige last Friday. Asked the physio when I can get back to biking and martial arts and they said 4-5 weeks 👿 Don’t think I can last that long I’ll be pulling my hair out after two weeks.


    Month after month of shit weather and now the sun’s here I’m physically in ruins from the neck down & haven’t ridden for nearly three weeks.


    just had two months off, sh1te weather, suns out i’m going to work today !!!!

    !aggggghhhhhhhhhhh ❗


    working from home today so starting early and will knock off at 5 and see how many road miles i can do before it gets dark 🙂


    Sacked yesterday – good timing!!

    Sacked yesterday – good timing!!

    Every cloud…

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    dashed – Member
    Sacked yesterday – good timing!!


    I got the day off, just powering up the Garmin. Now, XC or 140?


    Im out on the road bike today, then sessioning Esholt this afternoon.


    wfh yesterday and today, went out on the NDW last night, it’s pretty dry in places, had the trails to myself.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    feeling smug at keeping the cranks turning during all the April rains.
    Not carrying my winter coat like in some recent years.
    And I work from home 😉

    Me earlier:

    b r

    Out in an hour, and then an evening ride later 😆

    Meeting this morning with a beautiful drive over the moors to Leeds. Back by midday, write two feature articles then out to play.

    Bugger off all of you. 👿


    Working from home so off for 30miles on road bike in an hour and then possibly a night ride later on the MTB

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Office this morning. Lunch out with colleagues. Then early finish and out on the road bike for a couple of hours of steady rolling in the sunny lanes.

    I worked Saturday, so I have a day to take off at some point. Darn!

    Today I’m working this morning, then take a couple of hours for a lunchtime swim, then see how I’m doing after that.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Joblesstrackworlder here, just having a brew then I’m off out. Any of you workers want to trade places?



    Working from home, what if someone needs you or that million dollar contract turns up and you’re out cycling.

    I just hate you. I’m working from home right now and a post here and there is the best I can do for free time.
    Gits gits and double gits.

    Week off for me so a 30 mile ride around the back lanes of the valley floor today via a cafe stop i think!


    Got a few bits to do this morning but then I’ll be out for a play later. It would be rude not to really.


    About to go down to the skatepark on my bmx for an hour or so before work 🙂

    Premier Icon andycs

    Out tonight for sure, might try for a sneaky hour or so after lunch.

    30miles on road bike in an hour

    Good averages. 😯

    Me. 😀

    Off for a blast on the MTB this morning then meeting a few lads from the club for a road blast this afternoon.


    Oooh oooh!! Mememeneme!! 😀 m’off… an i’m out… :mrgreen:


    my overseas contract finishes in 8 days and I’ll be back in the UK and not planning on working for the rest of this year but planning of mountain biking/surfing/fishing loads!I was hoping the weather would pick up soon, looks like its going to plan so far 😉

    Premier Icon binners

    Gert lust youz lot!

    Actually, I commuted in on the road this morning. Very lovely it was too.

    And I shall be taking the very extended, off road route home, via the resevoirs and turbines, with a play in Cragg Quarry in the middle, finishing with a few miles of quality downhill all the way home. Well actually, to the local, where I shall be having a well-earned pint

    Wooooo and indeed hoooooooooooo 😀

    Commuting today and off out tonight at the local trails this evening, first time in a month due to bad weather. Will finish work early so i can spend a good bit of time biking.

    At work but squeezed in 50k this morning. Running tonight unless I go and watch the cycling in town.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    No work today for me. Im helping out at Abigales old school annual bike ride. 28 kids from Dunford Bridge to Hoyland Common via the Trans Pennine Trail


    Weather yesterday was awesome and looks to be the same today/tomorrow 🙂 Just off out for an hour on the road bike then back up to the skatepark I reckon! I can jump my bmx properly now, I never used to be able to clear this jump box 🙂


    I feel like I haven’t been out on the bike in ages, and it’ll be a week before I can get out on it, at least. Summers finally here an all!
    Working all week, judo coaching to do at nights, coaching course to go to on Saturday AND Sunday and a fitness test for my Polis application next Tuesday.
    I might get out for a celebratory/consolation bike ride on Tuesday afternoon, I suppose. If I have any legs left…


    Cycled into work and back Monday, had to be in 2 different places yesterday involving suit action, then track walk midnight till 4am this morning, shower now then cycle in Holborn to my opticians for lens fitting then into work for a half day. Too many meetings in different places tomorrow but might brompton it, then commute Friday – that should make it another 150 mile week.
    So basically – to answer the OP, not really.


    left the office ontime yesterday – out on bike for 25 miles in the hertfordshire countryside followed by two pints in my local ! Great evening – same again tonight !


    just submitted chapter 6 to supervisors, and my best pal rang as i emailed it to say he had flown back in from the states and was in town.

    looks like an afternoon of relaxation is on the cards.



    Took yesterday off work and met my sister and B.I.L. at Settle station, took train to Kirby Stephen, had lunch then rode the 40 miles back to Settle.

    Tough, it was:

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    MTB this morning, scoping out routes for some mates who are coming to visit soon (found some crackers).

    Road this afternoon with mate, just built him his 1st bike, so probably not far, and I’m sure there will be beer 🙂


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