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  • Olly

    i found 150mm WAAAAYYY too long most of the time (but a good giggle on steep as death descents)

    100mm and it just feels like a slightly slacker inbred.

    upped my MXcomps to 120mm, and its bob on 🙂

    got 2.5 diesels on at the moment, on 22mm wide rims, and its getting tight, but its fine.
    ran mine 22, 36 with no problems i seem to recall.
    SS now 🙂


    Cheers, that’s what I was hoping to read. Probably going to start with the fork at 130mm and take it from there.


    Just about to press go on a summer season build to replace my current damaged frame.

    Planning on running a 36Tx24T combo up front – I’ve read a lot about chain size issues on the 456, will there be enough clearance on the summer season?

    Also, what size of tyre can be run on the back – specifically an Ardent 2.4 as they come up huge.

    Final question ,what seems to be the “sweet spot” for fork travel? I have a Lyrik U-turn so can run between 110-160mm. Currently keep it at 145 on the old frame.


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    130mm Magura Laurins here are spot-on. They are adjustable travel but I have binned the remote because 130 was fine up and downhill.

    22-36 rings up front seem OK although the chain can jam if you get chainsuck.

    I have a 2.3 Geax lobo loco tyre the back and there’s heaps of clearance.


    Z150 at the front, 2.5″ adVantages on 719’s, mud space aplenty.
    The fork a bit long on ups and flats.

    2.35″ Minions and a 32t single ring up front. All good.

    As for forks, running 105mm MX Comps as it was just meant to be a cheap hacking around build and I had these lying around. But the bike feels superb with these on… Toying with the idea of some 120mm Maxle’d Rebas at some point though or possibly some Pikes wound down a bit just to give a extra gnar option.


    Just ordered the frame – Glow in the dark green 😀


    With a 160mm fork, you’d be better off with a standard 456 (but it’s too late for that now!) The summer season is intended to have a shorter fork, but never mind. It’ll cope with 160mm, though.

    As for tires, a mate of mine runs some kind of tractor tire in the back of his (i think it’s an old Conti of some desription…) but it measures about 2.6 and fits fine. You’ll not have any trouble with an Ardent.

    Have fun with your new machine! I have the standard 456, and it’s ace.


    2.5 minion and a front mech (standard 456) and it all works fine…


    I have pikes on mine. Wound down to 110 mostly but wind out to 140 for point and shoot fun. It is a bit light at the front on climbs but more than makes up for it going down. I don’t believe it’s really designed for a short fork. The original marketing was about how long forks on a frame with a standard head angle gives you a too steep head angle when using the fork fully going fast downhill. Slack angle means even when the forks are bottomed out it’s still slack enough not to go all squirelly in you! The frame certainly demands to be ridden down steep stuff.
    Also since running 22/36 never had any issues with chain suck at all. I had a triple on the front for a short while with a too short square taper BB. That caused chain suck.
    Tyres wise I have recently put a 2.4 advantage on the back, and it is pretty close to the top of the seatstays- where the central tube protrudes past the end of the stays there is about 5mm clearance, and stones picked up on the tread occasionally catch on the tube caused a bizarre clicking sound that had me wondering what it was for a while. This is on a flow rim. Not ridden this tyre in any mud yet to find out how it copes!


    Summer Season was designed for anything between 4 and 6 inches of travel IIRC. You’ll love it.


    Upping MXcomps (105mm ones) to 120mm is a piece of piddle.
    makes them plusher too, i reckon, having the extra air volume in there.
    well worth a dabble

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    it was a blast with lyric`s…but for allround use the pike is my favorit..
    first production run frame, and still so much fun…brilliant !


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