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  • Summer Chub Club!!!!….
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    I didn’t weigh in last week as it was the middle of birthday season, there are 3 family birthdays in a 8 day period so once the BBQ and cakes where put away the diet was resumed. I’m down 400g over a two week period, it could have been a lot worse.

    Premier Icon longdog
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    No change in the scale, but legs are fairly inflamed from squats and riding, plus no morning dump, so not worried.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Slightly up on last week at 82.6, slightly down overall, just!

    Premier Icon stumpy01
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    I seem to be maintaining the same weight, which I am not overly unhappy about given that actively attempting to lose weight seems to have gone off the rail a little bit.

    I think a combination of sitting in the house all day at a desk not really moving much, coupled with daily boredom wandering to the kitchen for snacks isn’t helping 🙂

    At least it’s not going up!

    Premier Icon austy
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    Big drop this week which is surprising and wasn’t expecting at all. Almost hit the target weight already.

    Keep the faith guys and stay on it even if you have increased. Keeping an eye on it helps keep it at the forefront of the mind.

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    Pffffftttttt…..heavier than when i started despite riding more.
    Calorie logging from now on, see what happens then 😕

    – it’s tracking calories that’s worked for me. Another 1lb and a bit off this week but a total of 2 stone 6 since I started using the Nutracheck app in Jan. Think myfitnesspal gets good reviews too (and is free) but I like the fact that Nutracheck is a UK app, has UK specific food in it rather than ‘merican stuff.

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    FFS, a 0.6kg gain this week. Haven’t done much in the way of riding or gym work this week as I’ve been hammering through job applications but I have done a longish walk most days and not eaten much above normal. Calorie tracking shows I should be in a deficit still though so may have to look at changing the base calorie burn figure down to lower my daily need.

    It’s actually getting depressing standing on the scales every morning.

    Premier Icon OwenP
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    Down a bit this week after the plateau of a half-term holiday last week. Trend appearing downwards now, which is good. Got to keep the exercise up and the booze down as 1.5kg could easily reappear!

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