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    anyone got any recommendations for a carry on suit carrier? they all seem to be a few cm bigger than the regs? or can you get away with it?

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    Good question. I’d like to know the answer to this. The best I’ve found is a site that tells you how to fold a suit to get it in the case without creasing. I certainly couldn’t find any carries that meet the specified size.

    Go for a wheelie bag instead. The suit will fold up nicely inside, you can get loads of other stuff in, and it is much easier to lug around the airport. Go for the maximum size permitted as carry on and you won’t need another bag.

    One warning. Ryanair allowed cabin bag dimensions are thinner that regulation so they can screw you at the airport

    Premier Icon jam bo

    i’ll only fly ryanair if there is absolutely no other choice…


    Good thinking aiming to take it on as hand baggage; there’s someone else on here who still needs to learn that lesson 😉

    Suit carriers are (in my experience) a waste of time. Much better to learn to fold stuff to minimise the creasing. Also, some suits and shirts ‘travel’ better than others.

    I’m not a great fan of wheelie bags myself, partly because they get in everyone’s way and partly because they result in you packing everything flat, then tipping it on its end. For me I use soft holdalls; these you always carry and store upright, in the same orientation as you pack. If you do this there’s no need for any elasticated retaining straps. Don’t ram stuff in either, I aim for about 75% full maximum.

    I say this as someone that travels frequently on business, sometimes involving more than 24hrs travel time. Hanging stuff up in the bathroom whilst you shower is also a good way to get light creases to drop out without any effort.

    In my experience holdalls are OK if you are not taking smart gear. I am on a plane every week on business. I get a suit and tie, 2 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, running shoes and running kit in a cabin legal wheelie bag. And you can pack it pretty tight if you are careful with the suit and shirt folding. Other bits like washbag etc can go into the 2nd small bag you are allowed


    I hate people taking suit carriers on as hand luggage, and then squishing my stuff to make room. I get my carry-on down to regulation size (suit included) why can’t you??

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