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  • Premier Icon ton

    do you know anyone who has commited suicide, or attempted it.

    sister in laws boss did not turn in for work today..
    topped himself.
    met him once,seemed like a sound bloke.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Unfortunately yes.


    2 people. 2 too many


    yes , the 15 year old lad next door a couple of months ago. tragic waste of life.


    unfortunately yes. a real nice bloke he was too. rip my friend.

    yes 2 sadly
    both suffered from depression but hid it well


    A guy who works/ worked with my partner got made redundant two weeks ago, his wife got in their car parked it up down a quiet lane and set fire to herself. Can't imagine its the best way to go


    Unfortunately yes as well.


    know a few all lived in a small town in Northumberland….. At least 3 in last few years men aged between 24-30 ish


    yes. young lad I worked with, lost track of, then met up with about three years later – he was a bit of a toker at that stage. Went riding with him, we had a good laugh. During the next winter he was living on a building site 'night watchman'… sometime that winter he took a long drive onto dartmoor, drank and pilled himself to sleep. I'll always wonder if it was deliberate… I think about him sometimes, he was a young idiot 🙂 but I'd never guess him for a suicide

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Yes, my daughter, 3 years ago she attempted it.


    A mates brother when I was at school all over his girlfriend leaving him.


    luckily no, hoping it stays that way.


    it was absolutely horrifying to have found out what had happened


    An RAF lad i worked with a few years ago hung himself, he seemed to have everything going well for him at the time. He had his brothers watch on when they found him, he had also took his own life 3 or 4 years previously. His funeral was very tough, i haven't thought about it for a while. His parents must be in agony every single day. My wifes cousin also took her own life just before we got together.

    I have no idea how low people must feel to get to this stage, but it is always a terrible waste.


    Sadly yes. 3 people one who was a very good family friend.

    Yes. Just a few weks ago a senior officer at work didn't turn up for his evening duty on my wing, no radio response, keys weren't in the key safe, so he had to be in the establishment. The PO found him in an office. No inclination by anyone that he was in that state of mind. Good bloke as well, respected by staff & inmates alike. Still no idea why.


    When i worked at a large Psychiatric hospital,one young lad threatened all day,then when i went to get help,he slashed his wrists in the toilet,thankfully he recovered.

    Female nures,excellent lovely person, killed herself.

    Another patient and also a freind,drown in the canal.

    So sad and such a loss,

    So very sad for all who have lost freinds or family

    Mrs Toast

    Three – my school friend's dad (gassed himself in his car), a friend that was in the year below me at school (threw himself in front of a lorry), and my ex's best friend (threw himself off a building).

    My school friend was tragic, but not a great surprise – he'd started smoking weed and taking all manner of mind bending drugs from the age of 14, by the time he was 18 he was diagnosed schizophrenic. He'd been let out of hospital three days before he killed himself, even though he said he would. :/

    The other two were a complete shock.

    Aye 17 years ago , one of my best mates (26)got **** up with smack and eventually got caught in a car bringing it into the village from Glasgow. The guy driving the car turned Queen's evidence and my mate took a bottle of whisky and a hose pipe and went and sat in his dad's motor , right outside his parents house. As you can imagine it wasn't pretty.
    Another distant friend (30)got all mixed up with a slapper , fell in love and couldn't take it when she started spreading them here there and everywhere , he hanged himself in the local forest. One of my wee sister's ex boyfriends (27)also hung himself in the same forest.
    Very disturbing , especially the 1st one , the reason I **** hate junkies to this day.

    I actually feel suicidal right now coz of that X-factor pish messing with my head. aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!

    da funk

    A friend of mine was a good rugby player who had knee problems and was unable to play any more. Good looking big strong lad, jovial and outgoing, he usually came around each time with a different attractive girlfriend.

    Finally ended it when the depression of not being able to play rugby got to him. 🙁


    Yes, my brother in law.


    Horrible experience for all involved.

    Premier Icon ton

    it seems very hard to understand when it is a young fit person, who might seem to have a lot going for them.
    very sad indeed.
    just sat listening to the associates. billy mckenzie ended his life waste.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Someone I knew very well told his brother he was going to 'top himself', that same night he went missing.
    Luckily a farmer found him in the middle of his field. He'd drunk a full bottle of vodka and taken at least 6 paracetamol. The quick thinking farmer saw the remains and quickly got him into hospital and saved his life.
    He'll always suffer from liver problems and had to have some mental health issues sorted.
    Paracetamol takes ages to work as a way to overdose and if you ever change your mind in the hours and in some cases days, it can be too late.

    People don't realise the devastation this causes to families and loved ones

    It's worth noting that it is the family and friends of the victim in the wake of such a catastrophic event that are destroyed. It is these people that have to carry on. Suicide can never be anticipated as its so final and such a taboo act. I feel its almost a betrayal to life itself. You can never predict it.

    It is also one of the most selfish acts known to man. I also never want to feel the desperation and isolation that these people may find themselves in.

    Just my thoughts.


    esselgruntfuttock do you work at Wetherby?

    Hmmm, I've been thinking about it for a looong while now, but from reading everyone's experiences on here it seems it's quite hard on those that are left behind.

    Shame really as life's a total bedpan – wish everyone would see why I'm 'up for it'.

    unfortunatly a friend. his parents were away and the neighbours needed the car moving it was a powerfull race type he bumped it on most of the other cars in the street only small dings. anyway knocked on everyones door apologised then said he wanted to be alone, he ended up hanging himself. this was just before christmas a few years ago. i think the car must have been the catalyst but he always seemed fine.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    bananaworld – if you're serious, please go and get some help.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    my sisters best friend. History of mental illness, in and out of institutions. Her parents came home one day to find her in the bath with an electric toaster.

    Also probably not a great way to go but equally, it shows it wasn't a cry for help as I suspect some pills and booze types are.


    Bananaworld,and for those of us on here that read the posts,if you feel so bad and sad,choose one of us and just put your feelings down on the keyboard,a problem shared is a problem halved.

    As for life being a bed pan,thats how life goes,learning to cope and live and possibly alter it is what takes time.


    I see a lot of suicide attempts in ITU, from gunshots, overdoses, trauma and so on.

    The one thing that the relatives and friends feel is immense guilt; they all feel that if only they had done x or y, or not said c or said b that things would be different.

    It's really difficult to understand the mind set of someone who really sees no other way out, who is actually that desperate that ending their life is the best option.

    Bananaworld, you've expressed your feelings before; please go and talk to some one about it fella, it's not really an answer and it leaves a massive amount of shit behind.

    In my line of work, I see it far too often. Bananaworld, please, please say your just trying to get a reaction – if that's not the case, I hope to god you've got someone to talk this over with – life's too f***ing short mate.


    My best mate (best man at my wedding too) killed himself last year. Knew he had some personal and business problems, had invited him to stay for a few days on the Weds night and he seemed up for it (we were going to go for a few beers and put the world to rights) the on Friday his gf called me to say he'd killed himself. Lots of backround to it thats a bit long winded, suffice to say I think the suspicion his gf and business partner was playing around was the tipping point 😥
    Still ask myself if there was something I could have done differently, tears me up when I think about it.

    2 people as well.
    A family friend hung himself and someone I grew up with recently went missing. He was found three days late after taking a cocktail of pills and drink.
    I've also stopped a close friend from taking their life. He called me out of desperation and i'm glad he did as he's now turned his life around.
    bananaworld – you seriously need to talk to someone, you're a long time gone.


    Bananaworld,and for those of us on here that read the posts,if you feel so bad and sad,choose one of us and just put your feelings down on the keyboard,a problem shared is a problem halved.

    yup, add me to that mailing list…there are people out there who care, even if you don't know them yet

    Premier Icon ton

    bananaworld, email me mate, anytime for a chat or to go for a ride.

    Premier Icon househusband

    A cousin, in his late teens, hung himself several years ago. No drink or drugs involved AFAIK, but I think an undiagnosed/untreated psychiatric condition.

    It is also one of the most selfish acts known to man.


    Perhaps just as selfish to assume that people should just 'sort themselves out' or stay alive suffering indeterminable torment just for the sake of those around them?

    I would hate to see an animal suffer and think we should be more pragmatic and humane when it comes to humans.


    my mum and one of her sisters (7 sisters in total) found their 'baby' sister hanging from the banister just over a year ago.

    they got a call from debbie's fella asking if they could go and check as there was no answer. they entered the house and saw their sister, framed in a doorway, hanging by her neck.

    god knows how my mum is still able to smile. it's an image that is sure to stay with her till the day she dies.

    debbie had previously attempted to O.D. but again my mum found her in time. she was taken to hospital. the doctor asked her if upon recieving a new batch of pills, whether she would take them all at once again. she answered no and therefore the doctor said she was of a sound state of mind. if she had recieved physchiatric help she may well still be here, but it is not worth pointing fingers.

    upon hearing of the news (i don't live near mum) i was pretty cut up. but, then a friend told me i should respect her decision. sort of made sense.

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