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  • Thanks for the responses, feel slightly better today after seeing the GF. Gonna go and see someone who knows their stuff next week. I’m not sure whether my doctor can help me, she’s prescribed me anti depressants, they seem to keep me on a level, once every few weeks things tend to take a turn for the worse fairly quickly. It’s something I’ve put up with for a while. Last time my mate sorted me out, although she wasn’t in last night!

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    Perpetually grumpy sort here, not far up the road from you – drop us a mail if you feel inclined.

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    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. And glad you are seeing someone about it. I’ve though about it in a what if kind of way, and it took me a while to see someone about it but once I did it was like a weight was lifted and those feeling haven’t come back.

    As others have said, you aren’t alone and if you need to talk, we are all here, and mail in profile if you need to vent at someone.


    If you’re looking in on this thread Dave, hold on.
    Just hold on, that’s all you have to do right now, the great advice in this thread can come later but the main thing is to hold on.
    If it seems hopeless then hunker down and just do that until you can do something.
    But hold on, because it gives you a chance.
    And that’s all you need right now.
    You will always have the strength to do nothing and that is fine.
    Stuff can come later, but right now you just need to hold on.
    And when the time is right, you’ll do stuff, maybe small stuff, but that’s fine too.
    But right now you just need to hold on.

    As you may have noticed in this thread there are many folks who feel the same, and you will find your way out of this time in your own way. Yes we do feel utterly hopeless and it really does feel like it’s an option from the core of your being but it WILL pass, and you will then have the option of finding a way to go into the future.
    But right now the only thing you have to do is keep that option open so please hold on.
    Tomorrow might not be shit, it might be, but it might not and you only get that option if you hold on.
    Stay safe wherever you are, we’re thinking of you.


    Typical! My timing is perfect! 😉
    Glad to hear you are doing ok dude.
    The above still stands, it’s kept me breathing despite my brain’s best efforts over the years.

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    It occurs to me that I never answered this.

    They say that if you’re genuinely suicidal, you don’t look for reasons to end it, you look for reasons not to. I’ve been there, albeit a long time ago now. Ultimately, I couldn’t be selfish enough to do that to my mum; it’d destroy her. That was a couple of decades back now, it wasn’t much but at the time that was enough. In hindsight, I’m eternally glad it was. Then everything was black; right now I’m having fun.

    Over the years, I’ve dealt with suicide second hand too many times. At University a friend of mine killed himself, and I’m still **** off with him for not talking to anyone about it twenty years later. A young lad on my team at work topped himself in messy fashion a few years ago and the fallout from that (when they finally switched him off) was horrific. I’ve an ex- with depression and numerous suicide attempts, and a couple of friends who similarly hospitalise themselves every few months. And I could go on. From the outside, it’s like being perpetually kicked in the bollocks by people you love.

    Sometimes, life is shit. Sometimes, it’s unbearably, painfully shit. But critically, it can and does get better, and it would be criminal to sacrifice all that future cool stuff and give in to the darkness.

    Ride your bike. Visit friends. The medical profession is medieval when it comes to mental issues but try them anyway. Do something, talk to someone, hell, post here. But absolutely do not let it win.

    Do. Not. Let. It. Win.


    Might i suggest reading back through Bullheart’s posts?



    I’m soooo feeling the STW love right now.

    Tell the world dude. A problem shared etc…

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    davidtaylforth – Member

    Has anyone/does anyone ever get to the point where they feel like they just can’t be arsed anymore? What stops you?

    Having to go through this 3 times a week for 5 ish hours a time…

    Oh, and being Insulin dependant diabetic for 40+ years and starting to reap all the good things ‘they’ said would come back to bite me on the ass if I didn’t look after myself! Not looking for pity, just think it’d be easier to shuffle off. Just the fact that my parents are still around stops me. Don’t enjoy anything anymore. Deffo DNR if I ever get sent for my double transplant.

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