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  • An inbuilt instinct to survive which is universal to all species, and the knowledge that the feeling doesn’t last.

    EDIT : TBH “just can’t be arsed anymore” doesn’t sit comfortably with thinking of suicide. If you really “can’t be arsed” you won’t be thinking of of suicide – suicide is a very proactive reaction aimed at achieving a result.

    David, please reassure me that you’re not in that state yourself. Please?


    If that’s how you feel, go and see your doctor or ring Samaritans, sharpish! Please.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Everything ok chap?


    Are you feeling that way?a


    There are plenty of organisations, freephone numbers etc to chat to, then there are complete strangers like us on here who will listen and try to help.

    Ask for help before its to late,suicide bids can be a cry for help, or and may just go to far and you die,and nobody wants that.

    Tomorow is the start of another day,look forward to it tonight is the end of a previous day, say goodbye to it.


    Mate please talk to us


    Couple of times, yes. Not that I just can’t be arsed any more but everyone else would be better off if I wasn’t around. I’ve only ever been there when I felt I was pissing everyone else up so much that the best thing all round would be for me to just eff off.

    That was a depression/bipolarity thing and what stopped me there was that I could see that while things were crap then, they *could* get better. And I was right, the shit went away eventually, I stopped cocking people up, I stopped being so angry, I stopped hating myself (as much).

    You’re not at this point are you fellah? Where you feel you are now is only a transitionary place, it’ll change if you give it time and it will get better but don’t speak to me. Speak to someone who can help you understand this better. Things can always improve. Family and friends if you’ve got ’em but if not try the Samaritans, they’re good to talk too.

    Talk here too.

    Yeh had a bit of an up and down week. Today aint been great. Just struggle to see anything good “ahead” if that makes sense!

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    Answer to the question is family… visit yours?

    i’ve nearly been there a few times over the years (i still have the rope that i bought to hang myself with about 8-10 years ago).don’t mean to be morbid,but just wanted to be honest about it.

    what stops me is the thought of the bastid depression winning (that ain’t gonna happen 😉 the depression has taken away my life (the worst part is that you get comfortable in the perpetual spiral.that’s one of it’s worst curses). i know that when i can beat it (or at least control it/i will have it the rest of my life) there are plenty of things i want to experience/do with my life.

    this is the first time i’ve said this on here 😯 i think people might be shocked if they knew the real me (am not a serial killer or anything like that 😉

    depression has robbed me of my life tbh (riding my bike/getting an education/relationship/job e.t.c) but i will overcome it.

    i wish you and anyone else who suffers (whatever way) my best wishes in overcoming the darkness,and give it a damn good slapping 😉
    good luck 🙂

    Been there. Get yourself to a GP and tell them you’re having suicidal thoughts. Counsellors will take care of the rest. At the end of the day depression is just a chemical imbalance in your nogging. It’s not ‘you’ thinking those thoughts. Feel free to talk to a stranger helpmybike

    Yeh had a bit of an up and down week. Today aint been great. Just struggle to see anything good “ahead” if that makes sense!

    If you’re feeling that way keep off alcohol and phone the Samaritans – that’s what they are there for.

    And as I said previously, the bad feeling is only temporary, it never lasts.


    I feel like that often due to my OCD, I imagine kicking my head into space to get rid of the OCD feelings, but when I catch it I can say the OCD is not me. I’m not great with my feelings so when I go to the doctor I write down my feelings and pass them to the doctor 😳 it works for me. Having said that Ernie has the answer all creatures will strive to carry on, we’ve all seen those tv shows where animals fight so hard to survive.

    If it’s you beat your thoughts, if it’s a friend please help them!

    Ernie, raceface and samuri have all nailed it, from varying angles

    There will ALWAYS be something good ahead. Always. There will also always be people willing, able and wanting to help you see those good things.


    I have thoughts like that every so often. It’s the thought of family / relatives / close friends having to deal with it that always stops me. Not sure of your circumstances, but another thing I sometimes think of is that it’d be such a waste to do anything until I had completely blown all my assets / savings on the best biking road trip ever!

    Sorry this might sound like a daft reply but they are the things that go through my mind when I feel I can’t take any more.

    Hope your ok mate, things often seem better even just the next day.

    I had a close friend take his own life when I was 15. Steve was 19. Every now and then I stop and think about him. It makes me so sad to think of all the things he has missed. Not only the important things like my marriage and the birth children but even daft things like samrtphones and DVD players.

    I miss him and his passing tore his family apart. He would have been 40 a couple of years ago and I can guarantee that the pain he was feeling at the time would have been a very distant memory if he was alive today.

    Please talk to someone.


    Life can seem pretty harsh at times.
    At times, sometimes what seems like long, non ending times it makes you wonder how things will ever actually get better. And do you know what makes them get better? Money? A change in fortunes? Luck? ……
    It starts to get better when you talk to someone, about how you are feeling, and how you can’t see a way forward, and how frightened you are by that.
    So start talking. Here’s a great start,
    Now try talking to these people…..Samaritans 08457 909090

    I can assure you they are good people.


    If you can, and this is a fair old ask, and may change the way you see things and the way you live, try seeing stuff in a different way; the world is the same, it’s just you and the way you are seeing it that is a challenge at the moment, and tomorrow things can be different.

    (sorry, a bit rambly…)

    It’s the way you think that makes you feel a certain way, so, understanding that, you can change the way you think and therefore the way you feel.

    It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something to practise, but you can push on through and come out the other side.

    I unfortunately see a number of people who have tried to end their lives; it’s not pretty, romantic, epic, or even a solution, it’s tawdry and grim and soul destroying…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    some brave stuff being said on here, from the OP and others ^^^^

    dont think ive ever been close myself had some dark times, relationship stuff etc but always managed to keep perspective
    I guess thats the trick,

    but get some help, none of us may know you but if you need to chat we’re here

    There will ALWAYS be something good ahead. Always.

    Yeh, that’s it. Technically there’s plenty of good stuff ahead. My head just makes me imagine it’ll all be awful/negative/terrible/something not to look forward to etc.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Life can be shit, there’s no escaping that. The problem is that once the darkness descends it is very difficult to see any positives, the negative overwhelms. I’ve seen someone close with deep depression and lost a very close friend to suicide.

    I don’t know your circumstances but I’ve struggled the last 12 months with one thing and another. Things aren’t as good as I’d like right now professionally. Some days I really can’t be arsed. Fortunately I’ve got a gorgeous wife and soul-mate and fantastic children who help me get up and get on.

    If you’d like to offload, there are plenty here who will listen. We are good at that.


    Plan to be there to do that stuff. Make a plan and follow it. You’ll get there. No-one can mess with the plan.

    And talk, yeah?


    My head just makes me imagine

    I think that’s the key; the self-realisation that it’s not you, it’s just a feature of the way your head is working at the moment. Seize that Idea and run with it.

    You’re obviously a bright guy; your posts on here have a subtle comic quality that we need more of, so don’t be going anywhere!

    It’s a wave. Just ride it out. It does get better.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    David. I think many many people go through this, which is not intended to trivialise what you are facing.

    If you are feeling that strongly then I would suggest you seek some support asap from the samaritans, your gp or your friends. If it was a friend of mine feeling like that a call at any time of day or night would be treated sympathetically.


    \been there a couple of times and its not a great place to be. Took a very long time to turn my life around, retrained now doing ok. Still get angry down and tearful but thats a very private me that would shock most people around me.

    I think my life will always be a struggle in some ways emotionally but at the very least I cope.

    People will help and it can get better but little wins are what its all about if you are in a difficult place personally.

    Whatever you do look after yourself, sleep eat and make time to talk. If its debt, relationships, housing work get some professional help. In the meantime while you are waiting for that talk to freinds who can help organise stuff for you and WITH you.

    Stay off the pop and your GP can help with something to help with depression but I found great counsellors who gave me the tools to organise my life a little better.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    59timesthepain wrote:

    There will ALWAYS be something good ahead. Always.
    Yeh, that’s it. Technically there’s plenty of good stuff ahead. My head just makes me imagine it’ll all be awful/negative/terrible/something not to look forward to etc.

    I’ll be perfectly honest here – one of the good somethings ahead will be your contributions to this forum. You’ve a perfect knack of hitting just the right tone with some of your posts that really does make folk wonder if you are being serious. I’d miss you.

    My head just makes me imagine it’ll all be awful/negative/terrible/something not to look forward to etc.

    Well your head is imagining wrong – it won’t always be the same. Remember that.

    Seriously, phone the Samaritans, if you can post on here you can make them a phone call, even if it’s just for a quick chat. Anytime ….. 24/7

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    I lost an old friend last year to the same thoughts you’re having. Don’t make the same mistake he did. Talk to family, friends and the professionals. As above, there is ALWAYS a better way than what you’re thinking about. Good luck.

    I’ve had my share of dark times and as has already been said, rest assured that no matter how bad things seem, there is always a future and things will ultimately get better~ often surprisingly quickly.

    You’ve made a brave 1st step by mentioning the subject on here; sharing the burden is the best thing you can do~ talk to someone so it isn’t just swimming around in your head and your load should lighten.

    Also try to keep exercising regularly, as the endorphins released will raise your spirits.

    Hang in there and stay cool… I remember when you were in the MBUK slopestyle challenge 😉

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Probably an idea to talk to someone professional David. Life is tough to get through sometimes and it can be easier if you get a little help… Often things can seem hopeless or bleak when normally you wouldn’t see them in quite as dark a perspective – in fact if you are anything like me, your perspective can really get skewed for a significant period of time.

    As you know we are all a bunch of over-opinionated arseholes on this forum – but some of the other guys on here are thoughtful, caring and supportive over-opinionated arseholes! So keep posting when it’s tough and I promise this bunch of our fellows on here won’t let you down. They can be brilliant as you know!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Id like to add that we are in the middle of a recession
    and just come off a 2 day jobseekers course for people 6 months+ unemployed, was a relief talking to other people who’ve experienced the same depressing stream of job rejections

    I think a lot of people are finding things tough right now

    Appreciate the comments. Had been feeling alrite for two or three weeks, seemed to get all bent out of shape today. Every time I feel low it seems to be worse than the last time – might see if my doctor can prescribe me some better gear.

    I remember when you were in the MBUK slopestyle challenge

    There is another davidtaylforth???


    Music and endorphins for me.
    If biking is a faff, go for a run.
    If this doesn’t help, go see GP.
    When it feels nothing can help, modern medicine will.

    I remember when you were in the MBUK slopestyle challenge

    There is another davidtaylforth???

    Did you once have a Balfa minuteman?

    No, although I once went riding with someone who did. He probably stole my name!

    Boo… in that case, my apologies~ I daresay you rock anyhoo 😆


    Has anyone/does anyone ever get to the point where they feel like they just can’t be arsed anymore? What stops you?

    last time, nothing stopped me…bloomin mate saved me from OD by pure bloody chance.

    Has life got better and been a sea of joy in last 20 years…can’t say it has, but it’s the only show in town.

    these days the thought that I wouldn’t want to put anyone else through finding my body or being involved in the clean up.

    the worrying thing is that the human mind has a great capacity to normalise and rationalise even the most bleak and ridiculous things, so that it is entirely possible to convince yourself that in fact ending your own life is a perfectly rational, controlled thing and not such a big deal.

    I think those that haven’t been there can sometimes see it as a rash/emotional/sudden thing…from those that have survived that I have spoken to, it’s worrying how many have said that by the time the decision is made, it’s seemingly coldly logical and rational.

    it just seems to “click” and the thought no longer worries you.

    Talk if you need to, seek help if you want to, don’t ever be afraid to admit that you need help.

    Has anyone/does anyone ever get to the point where they feel like they just can’t be arsed anymore? What stops you?

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