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  • Sugru Rubber – Anybody used it ?
  • mattbibbings

    My dad uses it all the time (motorcycle enthusiast).

    I got some and the first thing I did was make a mount in one of the vents of my road bike helmet for a tiny tiny little veho muvi camera. Works a treat. Only issue is that sticky tape won’t stick to it. Other than that, top stuff with a million uses.


    Has a limited shelf life, so don’t buy too much – it does “go off” if left on the shelf for too long. However, excellent stuff with a multitude of uses.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    I read a thread on here a while back some else tried to do the same. Lasted for a bit then slowly broke up. don’t think it lasted very well

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Mines been sitting under my carbon swingarm for a year now, no issues, great “strike” protector.


    I’ve used it for loads of stuff, buy it and keep it in the fridge, extends the shelf life massively. Never had any issues with it breaking up if applied appropriately and left to cure. If you’re looking to use it in wafer thin pieces, it’ll not work.

    Premier Icon kd48

    As above

    Thinking of making a chainstay protector out of this “wonder material”.

    Anybody tried it ?

    How did it go ?

    How much did you use ?

    Any tips ?


    Premier Icon kd48

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    Sugru purchased.


    i say there are better/cheaper alternatives,
    even on a very clean very smooth surface it lacks grip …
    eg, Silicone Sealant adheres 100x better and is loads cheaper


    I’ve used it for all kinds of DIY bodges – it’s great stuff, but as others mention it has a limited shelf life so buy it as you need it.

    I think B&Q are now stocking it on a trial basis if you need it quickly.

    The window rubber of my car driver’s door is now almost entirely made of Sugru and that’s lasted several years in all kinds of weather.

    I’m not sure how it would fare spread thinly on a chainstay though. Apply it thick would be my advice. You might be better off with something like Plastidip.


    clear plastidip for bike forks and frames is a missed trick, IMO.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Self amalgamating tape for chain stays. 🙂 Cheap and lasts well, so long as you don’t mind black.


    Bought some, used it, got ridiculed for having plasticine on my bike, it eventually fell apart anyway, didn’t buy any more – not convinced it is up to the job of hacking bikes.

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