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  • poly

    Am thinking about a weekend with kids and friends – probably in Dumfrieshire(ish) to enable us to take in a couple of 7 stanes (not Glentress – as thats a regular stomping ground). So looking for an affordable, comfortable, child friendly base for a weekend.

    We would be:
    6 adults
    3 Five year olds
    2 Three year olds and
    a One year old.

    Ideally placed between 2 different 7 stanes to provide some varied riding for the adults without worrying about mud/errosion too much etc. We’re all XC types rather than downhill folks.


    Log Cabin

    poly – these log cabin’s are In a place called Sandy Hills which is pretty much half way between Dalbeattie and Mabie Forest and roughly 10 miles from the Ae forest, also your not a million miles from Drumlanrig castle which is defo. worth a trip too. There is a grate beach near by for nice walks. It’s a beautiful part of the country. damn i’m all home sick now….


    Hi Poly, have a look at Barncrosh, [google for more info]. We are going there next week, so can’t say what it’s like. Cheers.


    thanks guys… more suggestions are welcome – as I have 5 other decision makers to keep happy. Beach and swimming pool are big ticks for the wooden chalets – but it might be a bit too “holiday park” for some of our group?

    ivnickkate – let us know what you think of Barncrosh when you get back.

    stayed in kirkconnell house recently. its absolutely lovely there 🙂
    no idea on price i’m afraid.
    they have loads of rooms, and the bathrooms are incredible! (bigger than my lounge, and carpeted!).

    not sure on whether they accept weekend guests, i think they’d be happy to have kids.

    its a lovely area. less than 5 miles from mabie, quite near the coast, down a LONG private drive, so its deserted (the owners live in a wing, and run a nursery from there).

    might be worth getting in touch with them. its simple, but lovely inside.
    sleeps 15.

    There’s a big one just near Rhonehouse that my girlfriend used to be a cleaner at. It has a big games room with pool table too and has plenty of bedrooms. Can’t seem to find it on a quick Google search but is good for Dumfries, Dalbeattie and Kirrie.

    I stayed at this place with a load of mates last year and we’re going back at easter this year – culquha cottage. Very close to the A75, Mabie and Dalbeattie are close and Kirrouhtree is within easy reach (30-40 min drive, as I remember).

    Sorry, link doesn’t work – choose ‘culquha’ from the drop-down box titled ‘search by name’ on the page I linked to.

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    Poly, Barend chalets are fine – the only bit that’s a bit “holiday park”ish is the pool complex and the bar IMO. The chalets themselves are pretty comfortable and well equipped. Spaced out OK too. The balconys are perfect for storing bikes too 🙂

    Pics toward the bottom of this album are one of the biggest type of chalet at Barend – fridge pic brings back (a lack of) memories: CLICKY HERE


    Hi Poly, we are just back from Barncrosh, we hired the Screel house which has 5 bedrooms, we packed in 8 adults and 7 children [ 3 1year olds and 4 4year olds]. Plenty of space in the house, house was a little tired but suited us perfectly. We are going to hire it again, but there are some not so good points. The farm has a seperate portaloo business which is kept in a big storage tank near the site, so some nice farm smells at times. The trampoline did not have any net sides to it, the adventure playground looked very old. The tennis court was very good, as was the woodland walk which we converted into a 6 minute mtb track.



    thanks for the honest appraisal. farm smells no problem, but oddly portaloo smells immediately puts you off your dinner!

    just need to herd the cats to get some sort of decision on dates etc now…

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    Did you try the hike a bike up, over and down Screel? Brings back a few memories does that 😀 Used to be a Sunday run fav until windblow and harvesting killed it off.

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