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  • Premier Icon ChrisL

    I’ve just got a small pay raise so I thought I’d sign up to another charity direct debit. What charities would people suggest? Any charities similar to “Fred’s beer/bike parts fund” will be ignored, I’m afraid. 🙂

    Wateraid – a very good aim – to provide people with safe drinking water

    Oxfam – I believe one of the more efficient in that a high % of money raised goes to fund projects and is not absorbed by costs.

    These are the two I support.


    Mountain rescue/air ambulance in the area you ride most?


    The Royal British legion or The Salvation Army


    Agree with TandemJeremy about Oxfam – their impact on the world is enormous, and they are pioneers in everything from aid for disasters, initiatives such as Fairtrade, the environment, in addressing global political issues such as trade and debt inequalities, as well as supporting deprived communities throughout the world (including Britain) to help themselves overcome the problems they face.

    I would also suggest looking to contribute to a smaller charity local to you which you feel some empathy with. These charities do not have the marketing resources of the large national charities to generate funds, but often do work which has a real benefit for your local community.

    Banardos or NSPCC, are both worthy candidates IMO.


    Air Ambulance

    All top suggestions, however having worked for a charity that wasted an inordinate amount of money I’d be very choosy about who I’d donate to as well.

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Thanks for the suggestions. I already donate to Oxfam, and a few others (including some because of personal connections). The air ambulance is a good idea though, as is NSPCC.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Someone very close to me (mrs B) has PKU any donations would greatly be received.

    Quick question, how many children have the NSPCC removed from dangerous environments?
    Answer: NONE, they don’t have any authority, they CHARGE the local council for the information they receive and it ain’t cheap!

    If you think kids are in a danger then tell social services, no one else!

    rant over

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Mountain Rescue/Air Ambulance

    I forgot mountain rescue – a good call chaps

    Alzheimer’s Society (need all the funds they can get) or Wasdale Mountain Rescue (mate of mine has just joined)


    the stroke association

    i forgot the alzheimer’s society!

    easy CLIC Sargeant. Cancer and Leukeamia in Children

    Its one I support for 2 reasons, i guess cancer in childhood generally has not ben self inflicted by smoking 40 Marlboro a day, and they will , as is the way of children get picked on at school if they have some of the unfortunate side effects of Chemo.
    I have done, and might do again this year, the CLIC24 , a 24 hour charity enduro , and its more poinient this year as the organiser lost his wife to cancer in 2008


    Beware giving your details to the Royal British Legion.
    You will be forever sent raffle ticket packs and it is not possible to unsubscribe or be removed from their list.
    If you wish to donate, put cash in the poppy tins, do not donate online or give out your address.


    Incredible people, incredible work.


    Oxfam. And if you’ve found yourself in a position where you can and want to do more, give more to Oxfam.

    I always say HELP FOR HEROS, for the obvious reasons, but as this is a Mountainbike forum I would highly recomend the MOUNTAIN RESCUE or Air ambulance as there’s a fair chance that a few people on this site will unfortunatly have needed them or will in the future.


    Run by a good mate of mine and all round top bloke. Was featured in a heartbreaking dispatches on C4 recently.

    Jole Rider or Help For Heroes would be my choices.


    An extra vote for a Mountain Rescue team near where you ride / in your favourite hilly spot.

    Generally they spend far more time shaking a tin to keep going than they do on the hills

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