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  • Sudden 1×9 chainline issues – any ideas?
  • I was running 1×9 with no issues last year then swapped things out for single speed over winter.

    I’ve just put my gears back on with no changes to the set up and for the life of me I can stop the chain jumping when on the 12 tooth sprocket.

    I’ve checked the limit screws etc etc but cannot figure out for the life of me why it’s occurring.

    When looking from above the chain doesn’t appear to be rubbing on the next sprocket up and indexing is peachy.

    Any ideas?

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    you checked the 3rd screw that adjusts mech height ? I duno the techincal term for this one.

    Are you sure the hanger hasn’t been bent whilst running as a SS?
    Probably wouldn’t cause a problem until you go back to gears

    Randomly I swapped out the 12 tooth sprocket with one from a spare cassette and it seems to have sorted itself, unsure how this worked as the original sprocket looks fine,

    Sadly I trod on and snapped my MRPx1 chain guide amongst the clutter I had created so swapped one problem for another.


    Different chain / worn 12T sprocket?

    Just been Ggogling and apparently (news to me) the plate on a Connex quick link fit a certain way and if done the wrong way round can cause skipping on the 11/12 cog.

    It’s possible I just installed the link properly second time round rather than the cog being the solution.

    Still got a broken chain guide though 🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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