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  • Subscription – singletrack asking for details again?
  • malley
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    Just had an email from someone called Anthony asking for my address, stating my subscription copy has been returned to single track HQ as part of address is missing.

    I’ve checked my account here and address is complete and correct. I’ve had at least half a dozen copies at this address without issue.

    anyone else had this? Loathe to send any personal data until I’m. 100% it’s from single track.



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    Contact them via the subs address listed here!

    Contact Us

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    ^ that. I wouldn’t reply to no phoney Tony

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    Hi Steve,

    Yes that was me, I’m a Web Developer here at Singletrack, I will email you with the issues that I see,



    Tech Team

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    It is our Anthony! We’ve identified an issue with our mailing service which has ‘cleverly’ cleaned the data we send to ‘match’ an official database, and in some instances it’s resulted in mail coming back to us because the names don’t match the addresses the ‘clever’ computer has generated. Fun times. So Anthony and I have mailed a few of you to double check addresses before we pop them back out in the post to the right ones. I’m so looking forward to when AI takes over the world…

    Coming soon: Singletrack by Pigeon.

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    Ah this may explain why I got an email the other day saying my subscription was renewed for Oct 2022.

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    thanks all.

    This was a genuine email from the team to verify my current address. Somehow the system sent the current issue to my previous address.

    Hopefully, all resolved now

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