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  • Subaru flat 4
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    @samuelr – mine was a blobeye. Absolutely amazing machine. i didnt own it long tho, my young age underestimated the running costs. 175 miles from a tank at best. Managed to take it to the Nürburgring before i got rid tho…. phenomenal.

    – yup the B18 was a beast of an engine. The F20C in the S2000 was a screamer (like most v-tec), just a shame its bark didnt match its bite.

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    I hear one most days! Though it’s a twinscroll so it doesn’t wub wub, and it has an effective exhaust on it so it doesn’t WAAAAAAAARGH. An excellent engine, shame it uses all the petrol though!

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    Ah, wonderful!

    Had a ‘bug eye’ mkii scooby doo WRX wagon from 2005-2007. I think i paid 12K for it. Mental. I even had the dealer fit cruise control as i did a lot of miles. 😆

    As a 6’5” bloke it pretty much wrecked my left knee as there really was f-all leg room. What a car though, hilarious fun. I had mine PPP’d as well.

    Absolutely loved it, though my wife hated it as she got very annoyed with all other scooby doo owners flashing and waving at her 🙂

    Best memory was taking my dad out in it (he used to have a legacy and was fond of drifting it in the snow), and him egging me own to rag the shit out of it. terrible behaviour. My kids all know the flat 4 burble, no questions asked.

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    In an urban area they sound shite and these examples being driven badly in inappropriate areas are almost exclusively mostly rotten and have been Barry powered.

    On the large sweeping left hander exiting the city at the end of our road as they blat out ….they sound marvelous. Granite city rally passes by some years too – no such thing as a bad sounding rally car

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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