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  • Subaru Clutch. Any ideas on cost?
  • wrightyson

    Just starting to slip on my impreza, anyone else had the misfortune of paying for one of these??


    You have my sympathy…. My 40k Focus 2l TDCI now needs clutch/slave/DMF (apparently they 'must' be replaced as matched parts) at an eye watering £800 – beaten down from £1200.

    Clutch only ~£300.

    Good luck 🙁


    No idea on actual cost as I've never been involved with one, but I suspect the answer is "lots" – scooby parts prices are not cheap. That said, they're extremely common, so should be a few "specialist" places that will drag the cost down as they do loads.

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    Lots. I can't remember what it cost me on the Forester of Mentalness a few years back, but it was enough to make me sell the car shortly afterwards (cos something else was threatening to fall off… suspension I think).

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    well, depends partly on the exact model, but clutch kits can be had for about £100 from

    just find a local specialist then who knows how to fit it. avoid subaru dealers for £££ reasons.


    Wow. Thats a good price! I had the clutch on my Forester fitted for £300 here in Manchester.

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