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  • Sub zero temperatures forecast this weekend:)
  • Freezing weather=frozen mud=fast trails 8)that is all.

    There was frost on top of Wrynose pass this weekend! Although the road looked more like a river.


    Brilliant – been looking forward to the first proper freeze all soggy summer

    Premier Icon convert

    If the stupid muppets (on foot, horse or 2 wheels) could stop stirring up the gloopy mire now when no sane person could get a morsel of pleasure around these parts then when it hardens up in the impending cold snap it might actually be ridable rather than a rutted pot marked mess.

    Totally agree Covert. There are some tracks round North Leeds which get a lot of horse/bike/walker action and even a few weeks ago I felt like I was destroying it for future generations never mind on top of the recent rain.

    I know its logical not to aim for the mud but a bug bear of mine is when things are getting rutted and people ride further and further out to the edge making the whole thing twice as bad; if your lucky enough to have nice, natural trails and singletrack nearby at least look after them, preaching over.


    can’t wait for a good few days of hard frost!

    been putting off riding locally as said it makes a right mess of the trails in the wet!


    cwmcarn uplift booked on saturday…hope its dry/frozen anything as long as its not pi$$ing down…

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Not sure what’s worse- gloopy trails, or gloopy trails covered with a thin sheet of ice. 😕


    Of course we’re going to have toffee apple trails this weekend, I’m getting home from work 🙁


    Maybe a week of -5ish temps would sort soggy trails out.

    Bring it on!!

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    Antur Stiniog uplift booked for Saturday – hope it’s not too icy…. 😯

    Premier Icon Drac

    Excellent love hard frosts, we had one on Saturday took the kids for walk with the dog. Lovely.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Good. Woodburner being installed on Thursday.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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