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  • Sub £50 headphones that won’t fall out
  • submarined

    I need something that’s not going to keep coming loose whilst running…

    I’ve got some of the generic Aukey ones but no matter what tips I try I have to keep readjusting.
    Tried my wife’s Jabra 65t and they’re the same. Guess I’ve got weird ears.

    So i suspect I need something either with a hook over the ear that will keep it in place, or a full on band job.
    Any recommendations?
    Wireless please, true wireless/aptx not necessary
    Only shortish runs, < 1hr, sound quality doesn’t have to be audiophile
    Under 50 quid infinitely preferable!
    Needs to work happily with either a phone or a Garmin watch.
    I just need something to make running less horrible.


    I got some Anker Soundcore Spirit X. Cost £30.
    They have hooks over the ears, stay in place for running anyway. Work fine with my Garmin watch. Battery life seems pretty good.
    Maybe not exactly great audio quality, rather lacking in bass. But not too bad for running.


    I have the anker soundcore spirit (not the ear loop ones) and they stay in my ears fine. Used them for plenty of runs now.


    For running.


    Can’t fall out. Comfy and you can hear the car that’s about to run you down/the bears chasing you through the woods

    Premier Icon fadda

    After a previous thread, I bought some of these, and have no complaints…

    Creative Outlier one


    I’ve just bought some of these JBLs for the exact same reason… funny ears, hate running etc.

    Figured I could live with the finicky controls as I’ll just hit play then start running. I won’t be using them whilst running.

    £33 at Amazon and Curry’s.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    I’ve had the previous model JBL for a while. Stays put and keeps out most of the naff gym music.


    Cheers y’all.
    The Aukey ones without the hooks are the ones I’ve got and just don’t seem to fit my ears. The ones with the hooks I’m a bit dubious about as they look like the same basic shape.
    Was about to buy the JBLs as they look Bob on, but I’ve been a bit of an idiot, saw the Creative Outlier Airs referred to on another thread for £55, and have taken a gamble. I may well regret this, having already said my wife’s Jabras aren’t that secure…

    Premier Icon rossburton

    Nothing that is meant to go in the ear stays in mine. Apple ones literally just slip out in seconds, Sennheiser are better, tried fairly spendy Shure ones, same problem. Even sport ones with the ear loop just work their way loose in a minute of running.

    Solution? Sennheiser HD2.30 on-ear headphones. Folds up fairly small, good sound, comfy.

    Edit: didn’t see the bit about wireless. Nothing wrong with wires, certainly keeps the prices down. 🙂

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    I had a Sennheiser set a few years ago that were earbuds attached to a stiff loop of wire. This came twisted up so that they were small enough to shove in a pocket, then untwisted to loop over the top of your head. Best sports headphones I’ve ever had. Never moved because the wire held them in place and it was so slim you could easily wear a helmet over it without any discomfort.

    They died eventually (mostly because they were’n actually “sports” headphones and got regularly soaked in sweat….) and I’ve never seen anything similar since. Would bite any convenient arm off for another set.

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