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  • danielgroves

    So, the sis is getting a new bike fro Christmas (or so Dad says) having had hers nicked this year. She’ll only really be using it for riding on tarmac, and at that mostly in built-up areas. She’s in need on some lights for £20 or less, what would you go for?

    I was thinking one of these up front:


    And then some generic cheapo light for the rear (they never seem to last long, however much you spend).


    I’d get something from here.

    You can get a reasonable set for £16 (the one’s I use on my commuter). Or you could see what other cheap ones you can get and maybe double up with some of the smaller ones as backup.

    If you want to be seen then IMO 2 front and 2 rear is often better as you can have one steady and one flash – also allows backup if one dies.


    Smart lights are good for commuting on road. My rear light is really bright and I’ve not changed the batteries for over a year.


    Cheers chaps. Shall take another look into them and then make my mind up while ordering online is still an option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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