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  • Sub £1000 29er HT, light and fast… Recommendations ?
  • might be worth contacting this guy, if he is still selling and its the right size?

    old for sale thread


    Thinking about selling my 2012 Cube ltd sl 29 in 19″ if that would be of interest….. Comes in at around 11.7kg if I remember correctly.

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    Would ideally 0% it lads as it’s only for a 2nd bike and don’t want to shell out £1000 of savings, £30 a month is easier to swallow.

    Merida Big Nine TFS 900

    Same weight, similar spec – World Cup winning geometry 😉

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    I’ve just got a Scott Scale 960 based on the recent MBR test where it beat everything else (the nearest 2nd choice was Canyon). Cube scored 6/10 as it was too skittish apparently.
    Only had 2 rides on the Scott so far (got it on Friday). It’s very quick. First 29er i’ve ridden so the steering feels different (i’ve been using a 26″ rigid singlespeed)but in terms of rolling speed, there’s a big improvement.
    On the easy xc trails near me, it is faster downhill than the Boardman FS I had.
    Obviously, it’s early days but I think i’ve made the right choice.

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    Looking for a quick and light HT…

    Topping the list is the CUBE Ltd Team 29 which is coming in at a nice spec and 12.6kg.

    Anything better/lighter/or even cheaper but comparable..


    I have a Cube Ltd SL and really like it, geometry is very good for trail riding for me. Don’t find it “skittish” in the slightest and I tried Giant, Scott, Merida and Spesh before buying it. Some of my choice came down to sizing as well though.
    MBR said the cube frame was too stiff, which is a very subjective thing as weight, riding style and terrain all play a part. I have been riding long enough to know that I never listen mag reviewrs. I know what I like, they don’t.

    If you average height, weight and riding then it maybe helpful to read their reviews. I’m 199cm and 102kg and want a laterally stiff and quick accelerating frame with nice angles. I also run 800mm flat bars and a 90mm stem which people tell me are too long ha ha.

    Try before you buy and get something that suits your needs, not what other people say. Knowing what geometry you like will help in getting the right bike. Which is trial and error. Bikes are very subjective in there riding, what works for me won’t work for you.

    If you like race angles go for spesh and merida etc. Slacker angles cube and whyte and a bundle of others.

    Sale bikes will be on the go soon as well! Might get better spec for you grand!

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