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  • STW'rs, it's not true what they say
  • Well it’s not.

    Anyway, OH is about to ride form Newcastle to London (300miles) in 24hrs. She’s doing it for Breakthrough Breast Cancer as we’ve now got two friends undergoing treatment. I know she (and the charity) would greatly appreciate any spare change you’ve found down the back of the sofa. She’s pretty nervous about the ride as the furthest she’s gone so far is 150miles.

    Price of a pint could make the difference (click here).

    Cheers, 100th

    jonah tonto

    im a bit skint at the moment but put a little donation in. it really meant the world to me when people on here donated to my mates brother’s ride after lucy died. he rode much further than he thought he could and when i asked him about it he was totally blown away that people (especially the total strangers) were so generous. good luck to you lizzie 🙂 you can do it

    Cheers jonah, she’s nervous but i’m sure she can do it. Only worry is what she’ll have lined up next.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    I’m gonna comment so I should remember to put a £ or ££ in 🙂

    Best of luck.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    After several STWers donated to me doing the LEL a couple of weeks ago, its only fair to return the karma 🙂
    Donation made (once paypal wakes up)

    Good luck with the ride. Once she’s nailed the first 100, the rest will just keep coming. What route is she riding?

    Done and bump.


    Done, good luck Lizzie – very worthwhile cause.

    jonah tonto

    she can do it mate, we all have the faith, and what better excuse to push your limits than to help others. my mate lucy’s family all got right into it and have raised loads- a great way to get something positive from something that can seem so desperately negative.

    Well she’s still going as of 5am she was 219miles in. Averaging 16mph moving. Beginning to flag a bit though. Should be reaching the last check point within the hour then it’s a 38mile Sprint to the line.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Donation coming your way once payday arrives. Well done Lizzie.


    Now that is a challenge I can support! Good luck!

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    Small donation made, well done and keep going!

    Last checkpoint happy but tired. 38miles on streets paved with gold in that there London village.

    Dark Side

    Just made a small donation. Sorry it couldn’t be more but I am skint after having all my bikes knicked 🙁 Send congratulations her way from the Lawson family, fantastic achievement.


    Small donation & bump, good cause.

    Massive thanks to all who donated and left a message on the just giving page I know the good wishes of strangers helped. She made it in 23hrs 50mins last 20 miles was an ordeal 3 punctures and a bent hangers from dropping the bike. she only really started cycling 3 years ago and you’ve spurred her onto complete a damned impressive challenge.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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