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  • Olly

    Im building a power monitoring project, and am using a SCT0013 non invasive (clamp) current monitor, but am working out whether i need to go out and buy another resistor for the burden resistor.

    The clamp has a max current limit of 100A, but I cant imagine a house pulls that much, even with everything in the house turned on.
    The oven (highest draw in the house) is going to be on a 30A system,the ring might be 30A?

    Do you reckon 75A would cover the peak current?

    easily, unless you have shower and oven on with lots of appliances running too

    the main fuse into most houses won’t be bigger than 100A. mine is 100A.

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    100A majn fuse into this house

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    We had to have a three phase supply installed when we built a wholly electric powered bungalow in the garden, split three ways 100a for our house, 100a for the shops and 100a for the bungalow.

    You’ll be close at 75a if the house has electric heating.

    My parents had a 60 amp in their 3 bed semi, and managed to blow it one afternoon.

    No gas so mid afternoon the economy 7 cheap rate kicked in to top up the water (immersion heater) and 5 storage heaters, I’m one of four kids and no doubt we had all three PC’s fired up plus hifi’s etc, my mum was cooking Sunday dinner (electric hob and oven) and I expect my Dad was had his guitar and amp on.

    So with gas, 75A probably good, electric heating, go for 100A. Their 60A fuse was under-rated so replaced with 100A for free…after a few hours when it got dark and my mum realised we were the only house with a power cut!


    I’ve wired quite a few houses and an 80 or 100A main fuse is the norm. You won’t see anything bigger than 100A in a domestic installation – bigger houses which are likely to need more power will have a 3 phase supply.


    the house is on a 100A fuse so i think my estimations were about right, just wanted to run it past the comittee. Cheers All.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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