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  • Premier Icon justinbieber

    I think it looks really nice, but I think you’d be better off spending some of the budget on a D7000 or similar and the rest on new lenses. That is unless you’ve got super swanky lenses already, in which case carry on and get the D600.


    I’m a speccy-4-eyes and I get on really well with my 5D2. The only better view-finder I’ve used was on my Dad’s OM-1


    I’d wait for it to drop to a sensible ‘street’ price and get the D600 rather than going to the dark side. I like the MKII canon as well but it’s really old tech now.

    If you use your flashes a lot, the D600 has a couple of limitations (Not as bad as a 5D though) compared to other Nikon cameras.
    Do you have lenses capable of making use of all that resolution? If not, upgrade those first – your D90 is an amazing camera still.


    I mostly use/have primes, 28,50 & 80mm but bought a 70-300VR recently that I have been very pleased with, all will work on dx. The 50mm f1.4 being my main user, would be hard to see that one go.

    So trading in that lot and going for Canon would be quite a shift for me, being a Nikon man all my life 😉

    I’m a speccy-4-eyes and I get on really well with my 5D2

    Yep I was blown away buy how good the viewfinder was on the 5D’s, guess I will have to see what the D600 is like.

    I’d wait for it to drop to a sensible ‘street’ price

    Good point ricdiggle, anyone been to HK recently, how do the prices stack up at the moment?

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I had the 5D and 5D II up until a few months back when I jumped ship for the D800E and a D7000 backup. The Nikon wees all over the Canon chips in terms of DR which is the most important thing to me. Gives me lovely clean RAW files with so much resolution it hurts (this does mean I am pretty much forced into using very posh glass).

    I would put the D7000 somewhere between the 5D and 5D II in terms if image quality.

    So… what this means… I would either go with the D600 or the D800 depending on what is important to you. The 800 is a more robust beast with insane levels of resolution (which can be a bit of a curse at times). The D600 is a lighter, more compact and less demanding route. And 24MP is plenty.

    If the D600 had been cheaper I would have been considering one as a second camera with the intention of passing the D7000 onto the other half, as it stands I think I will leave it be for the moment.

    I would go Nikon over Canon now though. The 5D III just underwhelmed me for the price, and I just feel Canon are loosing their way a little, although the EOS M is a very, very interesting proposition. When you are buying into a system you need some confidence that they are moving forward for future upgrades (lens investments start to get massive). It was a painful jump from Canon to Nikon and I don’t really fancy facing that again!


    Thanks for your points Capt. Kronos, very interesting.


    So what does everyone think?

    I am itching to upgrade my D90..

    Have thought about trading over to Canon for a while, the Eos 5D is an amazing camera, the viewfinder for speckies, seemd better than the D700 I tested, got a fellow photographer upgrading his kid and has offfered me his MKII’s for a decent price.

    But this new D600, which even though its still quite a price, I do like the idea of a reasonably light full frame, that I can use some of my wide angle lenses on, no need to trade my lenses in either?

    Off to HK at the end of the year so it will be interesting to see if there is much of a price difference there, which there was not, last time I went on photographic goods?

    So anyone here got an opinion on the D600, what do you think?


    HK pricing will be noticeably cheaper than Europe.

    I brought a Canon 300mm f4 lens back in 2007 for just over £600 and they were £800+ here in the UK then.

    I don’t know if things have changed but you need to ask for a international warranty as opposed to a ‘local’ one.

    As to the D600, it looks like a lot of pennies atm. As you already have Nikon glass, it’s not worth swapping systems imo.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Just been looking at the specs and the D600 seems very impressive. I’ve got a D7000 and D4 at the moment and might swap the D7000 for a D600 as my Camelbak camera.


    The current UK price is ridiculous, you can get a D800 for another couple of hundred quid.

    When the price drops to £1500 this will replace my D70.


    The major things wrong with it in my view are the small size, and the beginner design controls.


    and the sync speed of 200.

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