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  • daveh

    Stayed up with the baby all night for the first few nights to let the lady sleep as she hadn’t slept much in hospital. The little one would only sleep if held though was able to be tricked into sleeping without being held by making a cunning nest with a duvet. You have to stay awake though to supervise!

    I’m not a new dad but an old mum, and one of the things I cherished most after each of my 4 came along, were moments of solitude. I know it might be tricky especially as you have a baby that may need a bit of extra tlc.

    However when he gets into a bit more of a settled pattern (even just knowing how much time a feed will buy you!) wrap him up and take him out for a walk (maybe run her a bath first).

    The solitude is precious as you are inundated with family and visitors. Even when if is just the three of you in the house and she has a bit of time to herself (say in the bath) her ears will always pick up on sqeaks and cries so she never truly switches off and relaxes.


    Not really a new dad anymore, our little one is 21 months, but agree with the lots of good advice above about cooking and cleaning and changing nappies etc

    Adjustablewench makes a good suggestion about a bit of solitude, alone time for mum, to have a bath/sleep/natter to mates on the phone. I did alot of walks with the pushchair or baby carrier in the feeding windows, and at a lot of weird times aswell. Up onto the downs as the sun was coming up was a favourite 😀 ours just loves the fresh air and being outside.

    good luck enjoy its tiring but great fun.


    mothers and mothers in law come in handy when daddy wants to get out on his bicycle.

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    Well that is another day that has just flown in but the good great news is they are both home 😀 they were released on the condition that we bought a breast pump on the way home so it has not been a cheep day but every penny spent has been worth it. The little lady is taking a wee while to get used to her new surroundings but mum is looking a lot more relaxed.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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