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  • lodious

    I use a Boss DD-20, ironically, not traditionally Boss sized, but has good looping and pretty easy to use. You can use the looping and delay at the same time (so create a loop, then play over it w/delay on the guitar).

    Some of the TC units look nice.

    Not worried about looping as I already have a looper

    Tom B

    TC stuff is very nice….pricey though. I’ve been using a DD-6 for the last 10 years and love it.


    if you’re not looping then its got to be the ehx memory man deluxe

    Any suggestions? Want to get a delay pedal and was thinking probably a Boss DD-7, but mulling over the new Tera Echo (TE-2)

    What are people using and any recommendations. Want to keep it to a floor pedal, pref Boss sized

    Premier Icon johnhe

    I don’t use too much delay and find the basic Boss box unbeatable. Having said that, if I was buying now I would be auditioning an MXR Carbon Copy and a TC Flashback.

    Premier Icon Atomizer

    Spent a long time thinking about this and went for a TC Flashback in the end.
    Still experimenting but does everything I could want in a delay.

    Premier Icon hopkinsgm

    I have a Boss DSD-2 and a Boss DD-3. Don’t use them both at the same time – it gets confusing…

    Delay pedals can be very different. I think you need to buy one to play with it extensively to find out what you want from it…then you can buy the one you really want 🙂

    For that reason I’d probably go with one of the more fully featured models, such as the flashback as it will give you lots of options to try out.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Boss DD anything gets my vote.

    Though I had a great analogue delay by Ibanez of the same vintage as the classic Tube Screamer that was a lot of fun.

    Have you considered something like the TC Nova System? Put that in the loop and use it only for time based effects? If you’re amp is also midi controllable you can use it to build patches etc.

    I really liked the chorus, delays and reverbs on mine.

    If you’re interested in going down that road, let me know. I’m moving to a rack setup so have replaced the Nova with a GM2 and will probably sell mine soon.


    money no object – strymon el capistan

    multifuction – line 6 m5

    for cheaps – danelectro dan echo


    how much for the nova captain slow?

    How about £175?

    Cheapest online new is £290


    strymon timeline [video][/video] prepare to wet yourself


    The Digitech hardwires get great reviews and they’re not too badly priced. Probably what I’ll go for whenever I get round to it !

    Thanks all. Think I need to wander over to Denmark Street sometime and have a play!

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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