STW Charity Christmas Appeal

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  • STW Charity Christmas Appeal
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    Dear STW’ers, as we approach the season of goodwill to all (wo)men please take a little time to spare a thought for those less well off than yourself.

    There are a group of people who have lost much this year and are struggling to come to terms with the situation that, through no fault of their own, that they find themselves in. We owe it to them, at this magical time of year, to reach out and help them to make their lives better.

    Please take a moment out of your busy day of posting on the internet to pop over to the EU Referendum – Are You In Or Out thread to offer the posters a bottle of whisky and a revolver ( pah, pistols have been banned, I blame Brexit ) post up an article of good news.

    Yes, I know, I’ve checked in on that “discussion” and it is like walking in on someone sobbing uncontrollably whilst engaging in a furious act of self-pollution – you just want to back out without being noticed and scrub your eyeballs clean, but those trapped inside need and deserve our help.

    Post some good news and bring a little joy into the hearts of your fellow STW’ers this Christmas.

    Season’s greetings,



    Not really good news; but I found it heartening how the international MTB community is helping Lorraine Truong after she bounced off too many rocks in enduro races. So I donated too.

    (seen on pinkbike this morning)


    ^^^ Bike Verbier shared that story and I forwarded it on too (will donate)

    OP that’s a fine idea, will do so

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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