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  • STW chargeable Ads, a PSA
  • Premier Icon Mark
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    Like I said.

    I’m away now for the weekend. Have a good one folks.

    Premier Icon franksinatra
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    The forum is a product and one many of us pay for. it is therefore fair that people raise challenge. It is however something that is run by members of our community, real life humans who ride bikes. It is not Facebook or Google, perhaps try to keep that in mind when raising these complaints.

    I have previously complained about the forum but, as I said above, with a subscription and bookmark set to log in page I have absolutely no issues with ads or pop ups on any device, any platform or any browser. Perhaps I am just lucky.

    Premier Icon ransos
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    Oh I’m always here Ransos.
    Unfortunately, so are you.

    Meanwhile, you say that debate here is unpleasant. You reap what you sow.

    Premier Icon chvck
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    Also an update as to your plans for the Forum History section as the current one is plainly speaking useless

    FYI I’ve just fixed the clicking notifications taking you to home page in the stw chrome extension (it’s v2.0.2 and might take a while to propagate). Any feature requests/issues with the extension can be filed at if you have a gh account, and if you do then feel free to contribute too :D. I’ll try to pick up a few bits that can be fixed client side until stw towers get a chance to fix them.

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    Well I’ve emailed Mark as per his request… I’ll post up the response on the history/notifications stuff as from a stw point of view I’ve still no idea if it’s what they intended (if so how is it meant to be used) or if its still being developed.

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    BTW. I hate programmatic network ads (That’s what these are). I hate that they are a vital revenue source for us and I continue, every day, to try and build better ways to earn our money so I can one day turn them the **** off!

    I’m happy to answer direct emails from any of our subscribers tho.

    Well good luck with that. Meanwhile those of us who would subscribe but won’t for whatever reason will continue not to as long as you’re unprepared to engage with the community and let your mods take the flak.

    And to think, all this could easily be resolved by just doing the opposite of what you’re doing. As Ransos said, you reap what you sow.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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