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  • mindmap3

    Not had much experience of Avids, but I do remember that they could do no wrong when the Juicy’s first came out.

    I really rate my Hans Dampfs – light(ish) grip well in most conditions, easy to set up tubeless and have worn well so far. But then again I’m about the only person on here who reckons that the High Roller is better than the Minion.

    Not a Hope fan. Cotic are alright though (had a BFe before swapping for a Stanton).

    Reverb’s are love hate too (I’m in the love camp) but there are plenty of others who tell you that if you look at one funny it’ll need bleeding. Or will explode on the middle of no where.

    I actually thought this website was an extension of the On-One marketing eco system.

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    I’ve generally gotten along very well with Avid’s hydraulic disc brakes, the only exception being a terrible set of Juicy Ultimates I had for a while. Compared to the Hope Minis and Mono Minis I used before I got my first Juicy 5s, all the Juicy and Elixirs I’ve had (except those Ultimates) have been great.


    Everything made in a Chinese factory is anodised

    Never had Schwalbe tyres, though am tempted by a pair of Hans Dampf.
    My Avid Juicy Carbons were fautless while I had them.

    50th post before somebody mentions an Orange 5 in a love/hate themed thread! I am in the ‘love’ camp, even though I sold it.

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    I’m really surprised the equally loved and hated Orange Five hasn’t come up yet! Edit: beaten to it!!

    I’ve been using some Elixirs for about 4 years and never bled them once, they still work fine. I want to bleed them but am scared they might never be the same again…..

    STW slags off conti rubber queen going tubeless, conti rubber queen in For Sale section getting sold in matter of seconds 😯

    STW hates orange, STW mostly ride orange

    STW hates avid elixir… Well i hate it too the 5…. Elixir 7 Trail is faultless and love it though

    STW likes HOPE, STW are mostly Hope fanboys for no reason

    STW loves Shimano, I love Shimano too 🙂


    Now be honest, has anyone actually considered ‘What will STW think’ whilst making a purchase/build etc?

    Edit: I have a Trek and a C456 so generally assume hated all-round. 😳

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    Damn, I go against the grain. My 6 year old Avid Juicys are still faultless while I have had nothing but problems with Shimano brakes. Tyres… issues usually involve Maxxis sidewalls and poor performance from Contis. Love my Swallows though!

    And I love my SRAM drivetrain. Would never go back to Shimano shifters and mechs….


    Just replaced some Elixir 5 with XT disc and oh my god how much nicer, more powerful and better feel.

    You forgot how much nicer the lever shape is, but saying that, just is the key word here; in my experience you’ll be faffing around with your shimano a before long too – “mmmm why have my brakes lost pressure without any visible signs of a leak…?”

    Avids are the brakes I’ve had least problem with, but I admit they’re an absolute nightmare to bleed properly.


    Are the new SRAM XO Trail brakes still classed as Avid’s because I really love them – weight, feel and I found them quite easy to set up.
    Elixir’ were awful I agree but I love Schwable.


    Stw loves:
    Superstar Nano’s

    Stw hates:
    Superstar everything else

    Ah Superstar!, despite the hate their Sintered pads are the only ones that last in salt water conditions cycling on the coast…

    As do Avid BB7s,

    Coppergrease has also been hated by STW`ers, but works in the right conditions.

    but that don`t count as most STW readers hate fatbikes 🙂
    Better add them to the list, i mean only been out 9 years…gotta be a fad… 🙂

    Cannot comment on Schwalbe tyres as not available in 4″ and 5″, so behind the times… 🙂 :mrgreen:


    How do mail order bike manufacturers like Cannondale and YT Industries factor in this STW like/dislike discussion?

    Very tempted to go for a YT Ind bike. (the value is hard to ignore)


    What about past loves
    STW loved Conti Vert pros

    Then realised they were actually a pi$$ poor puncture prone useless tyre & shut up about them,never to be mentioned again….


    EDIT – Love Schwalbe’s,but avids are a bit crap


    Probably hate. If its not a long travel steel hardtail, a fat bike, an orange 5, a yeti or a Santa Cruz its no good

    I am taking the Michael here, I have a long travel steel hard tail and am treating myself to a yeti or sc later this year. Mbuk or MBR did a long term test on a yt last year, it did pretty well i seem to remember)

    Most Schwalbe hate tends to come form

    1 – I bought really, really light, thin tyres and they punctured easily.
    2 – I bought 15 quid performance tyres and they weren’t that grippy

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    How do mail order bike manufacturers like Cannondale



    I love my bb7s but would happily replace my elixirs but am too tight to buy new brakes.

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