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  • mrmo

    i had some peas but it looks like slugs have got to them.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Just got an allotment in Rothwell this week. 250 sq.m. The soil is ace you can tell that its had a hundred years of hoss manure in it. Only had it 5 days, but already cleared most of the minor weeds and got some spuds and raspberries in. The old guy that had ot before us (for 40 years) still has the half plot next door. He is keen to help us with supplies and advice.


    Damn chilies are way behind where they should be… 🙁


    25 tomato plants all shooting up in raised beds, with 3 very well established with small fruits on.

    20 hanging tomatoes, obviously hanging, lol.

    3 scotch bonnet plants just starting to flower.

    3 chilli pepper plants flowering with a few small fruits on too.

    1 cucumber plant that has produced 4 cucumbers, but I think flies or something have killed it.

    3 pots of leeks growing, slowly, but strongly.

    tish loads of lollo rosso lettuce growing everywhere and anywhere.

    about 20 cabbage plants growing anywhere and everywhere.

    runner beans already topped out the roof where they are growing.

    peas are growing well, they are SO sweet when picked and eaten straight away.

    7 broad bean plants growing well, flowers on all of them.

    3 courgette plants all with fruits on, 2 in the greenhouse still struggling to grow.

    2 pumpkins, not doing much.

    25 odd cayenne chilli plants, a few showing flowers, most about 10″ tall.

    15 odd mini bell pepper plants, a few showing flowers, again most about 10″ tall.

    few bags of rainbow carrots growing well.

    Not bad considering I started planting seeds late and it’s my first year growing anything!


    We got in early, when the sun was out so our radishes and herbs-chives,mint,sage,thyme,rosemary- are all good.

    Potatoes & onions greenery has gone mahoosive with the weather, just wait and see with them.

    Peas- runner, french, garden- all got annihilated by the Woodpigeons marauding about.

    Tomato plants are plants sans any sign of tomatoes.

    All a bit depressing looking out to the garden at the moment, haven’t been able to get at the lawns for what is now a fortnight.



    lots of plump juicy raspberries in our garden.
    the recent rain has squashed the plants but hopefully they’ll spring back up.

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    So how are folks doing this year? Not having a greenhouse I’ve done no planting at all yet, doesn’t seem like much is going to germinate or flourish at the mo!


    Nope, we’ve done nowt yet. Potatoes are chitting on the windowsill but it’s too cold to plant them yet


    Prepared and dug over veggie patch last autumn… had visions of spending the spring evenings planting veg, playing in the greenhouse and sipping a wee glass of wine in my best ‘Barbara Good’ fashion.

    But the reality is a few packets of seeds sitting in the greenhouse and an elephant sized mole making his way across the lawn and into the veggie patch, waiting for me to plant his dinner…

    So to keep me going…

    Any tips for a newbie veg grower? What varieties for central Scotland? What will grow easily despite the weather and the fact that, given the choice, I would rather spend time on my bike than tending my crops 😕


    we have spuds chitting in the greenhouse – not that they have done much. Basil on the windowsill along with tomato plants that we purchased last week (I know cheating but I am fed up with getting tomatoes in September/October when the man next door has them from May/June! Foolishly planted broad beans and peas in the greenhouse a few weeks ago before the snow. So I am ready to pounce when the sun starts warming the earth…


    Bunnyhop’s loft earlier this week…

    Poor NBt is having to do 2 jobs just to pay the ‘lecky bill.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Finally got some spuds into the ground.

    Have sown some tomatoes, broccoli, chard, parsley, here’s hoping we have a better growing season than 2012.

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