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  • STW alcohol gurus – which hip-flask based bivvy fuel?
  • IvanDobski

    Seems like it's bivvying season again and this year I'm taking a (large)hip flask with me.

    So what suggestions have people got? I'm willing prepared to spend a bit as it's strictly for "under the stars" nights out…

    (And yes, this was partly inspired by the Jamie Oliver programme!)


    cabo wabo tequila


    spiced rum, and soft liquorice to chew on.
    together………..better than naughty stuff……. 😉

    iDave, you liking Chickenfoot then?

    I'd go for a Mauritian aged rum myself. Tasty!

    Ton, if rum and liquorice are better than doing the duvet disco, you're doing it wrong!

    Try some Penderyn whisky from Wales' only distillery. Had a nice tipple during a tour there t'other week. V subtle caramel taste to it.

    Teachers, and a can of tennants super to keep it company.


    Premier Icon IHN

    Genepi, warming Alpine herby goodness.

    Premier Icon Ticklinjock

    For large hippie try Stags Breath.
    For small hippie try Laphroaig, then add water when you bivvy up.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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