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  • Stupid things you’ve done in your younger years?
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    Last weekend one of the apprentices got himself a tattoo. In Blackpool.

    I’m not a footballist but for context Liverpool (or even Lwerpool) don’t play the final until next weekend.

    Piss has been taken. But as one of the older lads said at work, we’ve all done stupid shit when we were younger. I can’t think of anything in particular, especially that I’m happy to share on the net.

    So what stupid stuff did you/your mates/”a friend” get up to?

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    I can literally not count the number of stupid things I did as a young person. If I can recall one in particular that I am happy to share, I will.

    Humiliation is good for the soul.

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    Sat on the roof of a 3 or 4 story building after going up the scaffolding at night pissed.

    For starters

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    Far too many, but taking up smoking was probably the dumbest, and the only one I really regret. The rest were just learning experiences 😀

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    We’ve all been there

    Loads, from minor /accidental arson to messing with mad women

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    Louise +1

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    Confession time?

    Ok, I’ll play…

    I was 14, living in Fort Lauderdale and behind the house was a massive (really massive) corn field.. every year the fleet of combines would munch their way through the cobs and a lot of them ended on the edge of the fields un-gathered… So my mates and I would gather handfuls and saunter off to a bayou and create a large fire and BBQ them to death, then scoff the nice ones and lob the burnt ones into the water or at each other..

    We also used to lob lit cobs at each other…

    So I lobbed a lit one at my mate, and it caught the edge of the field and set the tufts alight, then…. wooooooooohhhooooooffffffff !! The fire spread vast and wide and quickly… and we ran vast and wide and quickly…. however I got caught heading over one of the main roads back home by one of the rednecks and he dragged me home crying like a child (well I kinda was)..

    Grounded, no TV, no sweets, no toys, school and home that was it for what seemed like 3 years (2 months actually)

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    Sat on the roof of a 3 or 4 story building after going up the scaffolding at night pissed.

    Were you in Preston in the early 90s?  If so, I came with you.

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    Pinched some keys from the woodwork storeroom at school & let ourselves back in that night.

    We ‘borrowed’ all sorts of stuff from the gym, including javelins & footballs, we had some target practice then got knobbled by a local copper walking his police dog!

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    Summer work holiday, working in the States on the combines, at the end of the day, used to get underneath them to dust them down, cramped, dark and dusty, felt a thud as something landed on my chest, then I felt it start to move towards my head, shone my head torch done towards my chest, to see a pissed off tarantula heading straight for my eyeballs!

    Proper pant wetting stuff I can tell you, I don’t like spiders!

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    The list is so long. It is literally a miracle I’m still alive or at least not badly scarred.

    As above, lots of “burning something small and it getting out of hand” issues.

    Pain wise, watching a blob of molten plastic from a model plane I set fire to sink into the flesh of a finger is pretty high up the list.

    Near death wise, shoving wires into a 240V socket is up near the top of the list. Sorry to say I did that more than once.  In my defense, I was a slow learner.

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    Near death wise, shoving wires into a 240V socket is up near the top of the list.

    Now that is stupid. I turned ours off before inserting the wires and placing the ends on the slug. Then turned it back on at the wall.

    Slugs conduct electricity pretty well.

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    Half a mouthful of petrol and a zippo = untrained fire breather me.

    I ran out of breath while there was fuel left and breathed in !! Luckily I had plenty of mates round me to put me out  .

    Plenty of other stuff but that was probably one of the worst.

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    Out the back of the zoo bar in Halifax (1992ish) was a big green bin that was half full of paper, we used to grab one of our mates and chuck them in there then sit in the lid for a while.

    One night we were walking down the alley to the brass cat and I spied another green bin. Gave a nod to a mate and we grabbed one of the other lads and chucked him in.

    This one wasn’t full of paper. It was full of glass from the pubs. Mate was covered in cuts to his back, arms and hands.

    The bouncers in the brass cat were actually ok with us using the toilets to clean him up though, and we carried on with the night out.

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    The trick to not getting caught is not telling anyone.

    Plenty of stuff done that would probably have resulted in expulsion or worse albeit not malicious.

    Stupidest thing I ever did was climbing into a steering gear (4 rams controlling a ships rudder) whilst underway. Not only that, I went in via the platform around across the gear rather than under it. **** idiot.

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    Climbing up the outside of 4 stories of balconies to let 2 girls into their room. They’d gone out and left the keys behind, trouble was this was hours later and I’d had shed loads of booze.

    In hindsight I guess the walk of shame through the early light next morning after not getting my leg over was worse (I think I forgot to tell my mates that bit).

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    Aged about 16 /17 i was going out with a lovely girl who had very rich parents.  I managed to sink her parents speedboat.  Also got caught doing donuts on their lawn in her brothers corvette.. whilst drunk.  Oh.. and managed to lose her mums race horse whilst trying to ride it round a field for a bet.  Also drunk on that occasion too.

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    Sat on the roof of a 3 or 4 story building after going up the scaffolding at night pissed.

    done the same on NYE this year. although being in  Germany it means that NYE is like some kind or precursor to WW3. Germans and fireworks isn’t  a great combo.  good fun, mind. (not my youth, i’m (gulp) 35.)

    there are so many things i got up to during my youth/mid 20’s that i’m lucky i didn’t end up permanently scarred or with a criminal record.

    saying that i’ve got a few scars from burning things. was a bit of  pyro in my teens.

    managed to get my hand in the way of some burning plastic and scarred the back side of my right hand.

    also accidentally set light to the marshes after trying to toast some marshmallows during  lunch break.

    drawing naughty pictures of the new music teacher in compromising situations with various musical instruments and then having one of the lads during exam study period snigger giving the joke away to said teacher.  had some explaining to do to my mum when the head master saw it fit to send copies addressed to my folks….. “don’t ever tell me that your no good at art!!”

    jumping into cars with people who were clearly off their tits (+ lots).

    shaggin that girl outside some party whilst wearing white combat trousers (it was the late 90’s)  whilst she was on her period…. afterwards walking over to my mates, proud as punch, but  unbeknown to me with a massive red stain around my crotch. not my finest moment.

    dealing with drugs on a scale that would have meant several years behind bars if caught. stupid stupid stupid….. all began so that we could have “cheaper” nights out.

    lots of drug fuelled “nights” that seemed to last from friday till sunday evening without any recollection of what went on. Leah Betts had nothing on us #notproud.

    being driven up to Liverpool  from Essex for Creamfields by a mate  in his shitty Fiesta who had passed his test the day previous (figured it was a better bet than me or my mate driving as we would be trying to chew our ears off). watching the road pass by through the rust holes in floor whilst sparks were coming from the car as the hand brake cable dragged on the road. the way back was worse. several days without sleep and a decent quantity of class As make for a really sketchy drive.

    +1 Louise… and i only say that because despite her being an awesome and incredibly attractive girl  she was seriously screwed up and i doubt that the drugs i gave her helped her situation. she dropped off the radar a few years. i fear that she took her own life.

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    So many stupid things ,If I listed them all it’ll kill the internet.

    Many parallels to Alpin’s list!…..but I stupidly lost a great job due to partying too hard.

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    On the exuberant climbing of buildings, lived for a year on the 8th floor, hyde park flats, Sheffield. Used to move between kitchen and living room via outside of building. Or was that Precinct Centre, Manc? It blurs. Used to empty the room as no one wants to see brains, even from a height of eight stories. Used to do pull-ups off the hyde park balcony, which I didn’t consider a big deal as there was no chance of me deciding to let go…

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    Set fire to a quadriplegic girl in a nightclub.

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    Playing soldiers in the woods. With drainpipes and fireworks as bazookas.

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    Johndoh is now waiting for someone to ask….

    …nah, can’t be bothered. 🙂

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    Joined the Army.

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    Blimey, this may take a while, i like many others do wander how i actually made it to my more mature years..

    We used to jump off the Round Tower in Portsmouth as lads, about 40m high, but with foundations that stick out by about 12ft, so you had to jump a long way out to clear them, a lad broke his back not so long ago doing it.

    We went through a phase once we’d learnt to abseil with cadets of getting drunk and head first abseiling with harness on backwards, no helmet, down the chalk cliffs near Portsdown Hill, it culmimated in us abseiling on to the A3 off a bridge.

    Rugby trips where we “surfed” minibus drunk as skunks through various town centres on the roof rack.

    Caving trips where people have started blocking the entrance so we water level rose inside.

    That’ before joining Army at 17 1/2 and finding the joys of real “arti-baseball” and somehow try to mix and army career and copius amounts of raving at weekends at the same time

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    Hmm, just wish mine was as inconsequential as a shit tattoo… depressed now 🙁

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    3 of my worst involved beer and glass! 1: being head rammed through a shop window, coming round in all the flowers and doing a runner, ended up taking a 20p size piece of my scalp off very lucky boy, 2: going to find some girls in a hotel room, getting the fire hose out (a real one) off the reel and literally blasting anyone who dared look out of their room, we then decided we should leave quickly, ran down the escape stairs one of the lads went through the door literally in a shower of glass, passing riot van got their easiest 4 arrests ever, 3: absolutely wasted ny eve 1998 fell on to a pint pot outside the pub neck first, very lucky to have only minor neck slashes.

    Many many more all funnily enough involving beer!

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    Trusted my parents.

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    managed to lose her mums race horse

    possibly not the stupidest thing here, but definitely the funniest!

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    Drugs, shit loads of them and football hooliganism not proud but it happened

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    took a car (Well morris Marina ) for a test drive from a garage where i worked part time cold day a bit icy  rolled it into its roof in a field, walked back a bit embarrased. lots of stupid firework based stuff underwater rockets who knew?

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    This thread has aged well.

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    Aye. Sucks to be the be the apprentice in the op.

    Much ridicule shall be had on Tuesday!

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    Image gone? Shame, wanted to give someone a chuckle.

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    Still there for me?

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    You know the old adage about only regretting the things you didn’t do…..

    Frederique – Last night of the lads ski trip to Pas de le Casa, Andorra in about 1995.

    I still get stick from my mates for it and it’s nearly 25 years ago now.

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    Looks odd.

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    Taking a BB gun to school not long after the Dunblane shooting probably wasn’t one of my finest moments – that earnt me an awful lot of detention / exclusion but no suspension of expulsion.

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    We used to jump off the Round Tower in Portsmouth as lads, about 40m high, but with foundations that stick out by about 12ft, so you had to jump a long way out to clear them, a lad broke his back not so long ago doing it.

    sorry to burst your bubble but I had to google that. its 11m tall. still a pretty big jump but not 40m big even with a bit of tide…

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