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  • stupid question how to cook basmati rice in a microwave?
  • racefaceec90
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    what’s the best way to do it?

    just blast it on max setting for 15 min stirring now and again i suppose?

    i know i’m an idiot btw 😉

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    2 minutes apparently 😉

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    The tilda basmati microwave rice if fantastic

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    That’s “ordinary” basmati – not some overpriced specially packed magicke stuff.

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    thanks everyone 😀

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    For some reason I’m unable to cook rice, so I bought a rice cooker. Best cooking-related purchase I ever made.

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    Rice is the easiest thing in the world. Put rice in pan. Put 2x volume water in. Pinch of salt and dab of butter. Low heat, lid on, 15 mins.

    To microwave do the same quantities, make up the time depending how much rice.

    Its a “switch on and forget about it” food to make. I leave on the hob for 1hr and you get a layer of crispy rice at tbe bottom which is delicious!

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    I cook basmati on the hob in excess water from cold, boiling for 3-4 minutes till almost cooked. Drain then put the colander in the pan (off the heat) with the lid over the top to let it finish cooking in the residual heat.

    Perfect fluffy rice every time. Can’t imagine microwaving would be any easier than that (except uncle ben’s of course.)

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    The Uncle Ben’s basmati, as shown above, is very, very good.

    Do not be ashamed. It is lovely.

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    The Mrs always does uncle ben’s if she cooks.

    I’m tight and insist on having a sack of value-for-money dry stuff to cook the hard way.

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    Anyone cooking rice in a microwave should be taken outside and shot.

    My rice cooking instructions come from a chap of Cambodian descent and are similar to glasgowdan.

    Rice + 2 x water in a pan with lid + a pinch of salt. Full heat until the water just starts boiling over. Then the lowest heat for 10 mins still with lid on. The heat off and leave for 5 mins lid on.

    Perfect rice every time.

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    As above Uncle Bens or Tilda perfect every time. Otherwise what you need to do is cook it without boiling it so 1.5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice and microwave on a kind of medium high setting so the rice has time to absorb the water without it boiling away. Takes longer 10 mins maybe more but with a bit of practice it turns out pretty good.

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    Put Rice in plastic bowl 4-6″ diameter
    Add double the volume of water , teeny amount of salt.
    Nuke on full power for 2 mins
    Then switch to defrost for approx 20mins.
    Obvs depends on how much rice you are cooking.
    By cooking it for longer on a low heat it absorbs all the water and doesnt burn.
    Pan is best but micro is an option if hob space is limited

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    Microwaves are good for very few things and rice isn’t one of them.

    DannyB and glasgowdan have the right idea. The longer you leave the cooling down period the nicer it gets. Will stay warm for up to an hour. I usually slick the grains in a bit of oil or butter first but don’t think this makes a big difference.

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