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  • Dibbs

    I have three temperatures T1, T2 & T3. How do I write a formula to highlight if one of the temperatures is more than five degrees different to the others. I know I can just look at the three temperatures and see the difference in an instant, but I’m trying to write a formula to make it idiot proof (because I have been known to work with idiots) 🙄



    use an IF statement,

    Something like IF t1>t2+5, do x, IF t2>t1+5…

    just think of the combinations and should be good to go.

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    use “Conditional Formatting” under “Format”

    depending on which one you want to be comparing to the other two (or both?) then assume you have columns A, B and C, in Column A set condition format to be:

    “Formula is” (from first drop down box)

    =OR(A1<(B1-5), A1>(B1+5), A1<(C1-5), A1>(C1+5))

    And set a format (that is different to the natural format) in the “format” button.

    that particular formula compares A with B and C for +/-5deg simultaneously. You can obviously change the logical test you want the highlighting to be based upon.

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    Thanks again.

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