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  • I made a batch of Old Peculier from grain & hops on new year’s day, from a recipe in a well known (to brewers) book of brewing your own British real ale.

    Checked it tonight to see how well it was fermenting. Or should I say, “fermented”. It’s done. 5 days from pitching the yeast to fermented out 🙂
    OG 1052, FG 1012, ABV 5.2% or 5.8% depending which formula you use

    Of course I had to drink the sample – it was either that or pour it down the sink. Rude not to really.

    OMG WTF LOL that’s virtually identical to draught OP at the brewery tap! I’m really looking forward to this once it’s bottled & conditioned…

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Well done that man, north Leeds rides setting off from yours from now on?

    yeah, I need to get back on the bike – haven’t ridden since April, busy with new band, brewing, etc 🙂

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Same here, not been out much so it will make a change to start again.


    mmm, old peculiar is a nice pint. Envious!


    Come on you two why not make 2012 your comeback year then 😀

    OP is served in a half pint glass. FACT!

    Oh, and I have also been stunned. By Sue of this very parish. She’s awesome. 🙂

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    OP is served in a half pint glass. FACT!

    Not in Yorkshire it isn’t.

    Last time I had it in a pub was in Chapel-le-dale in the middle of winter. We stumbled in to the pub after walking through the snow for a few hours. They served Old Peculier by the pint. I had three. Unfortunately we then had a walk home again.

    funny you should mention that CFH, that’s exactly the glass I was using. From a Bradford Beer Festival many years ago, when I was at uni there. everything is served in halves at that particular beer festival – allows you to sample twice as many different brews before you can’t take any more

    Granville – that’s the idea. Band practices have shifted to evenings, weekdays, mostly, so weekends are a bit less busy.

    Now I need to see if I have a steel chain or a concrete chain…

    Confuddled! It was always served in halves around Catterick when I used to be up that way.


    Get in bottles and pour it in a pint glass ya wuss. had it in pubs by the pint. UNFACT! I’m sure in a better world I would live by your aristo rules CFH!

    much better on draught than bottles. But I have a problem with my keg so bottles it is. Still a lovely brew though

    whether you pour from the bottle into a half or pint glass is surely down to your own preference – just like <geordie> “Ah’m just gan walking the dog pet” </geordie>


    CFH, shame on you, half pints…. pffft. Did they put an umbrella in it?.
    OP always brings back great memories of my twenties (early nineties), reminds me of every summer waterskiing up at the lake with me pals Mikala and Coatesy. We always went drinking PINTS of OP in the Holly Head, Richmond (N Yorks) and often someone was sick during the Taxi ride back or when we got back to the caravan. Very happy times.
    At the Lake

    At the bar


    Old Peculier, Theakstons best and XB. I haven’t seen XB on draught for years, do they still brew it?

    I have a recipe for Theakstons Best Bitter…

    Having said that, their Lightfoot is nice in bottles.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    OP is served in a half pint glass. FACT!

    I remember (some of) my first “gallon challenge” of OP at 17

    Bradford Beer Festival

    *Is in awe of such things*


    CaptainFlashheart – Member
    OP is served in a half pint glass. FACT!

    Never met him but I always assumed CFH was straight. Just shows one should leap to conclusions.
    A half, really 🙄


    XB is def still available in bottles. Some say OP isn’t the same stuff it used to be, my recollection is it was very strong and a bit sickly and treacly for the first two pints. Then you were too fuddled to care.
    I remember on one occasion throwing up out of the caravan window during the night, then getting up very early to clean the outside of the caravan, so no one would know. My sister threw up out of the taxi window and had to be carried into the caravan. All good character building stuff. Always all up early the next morning and down to the lake for some waterskiing, amazing what a dunking in a cold lake does for a OP hangover.


    That first pic is Semerwater, isn’t it?

    I used to live in one of the three cottages up on the left, overlooking the lake. So it was you buzzing around disturbing my afternoon nap, was it?

    Old Peculier is a great cure for constipation – a couple of pints of that and you’ll be sorted in the morning for sure.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Have had XB a couple of times recently in pubs in the Lakes, but can’t remember where.


    The Dog & Gun in Keswick used to sell XB.


    Sounds good, would love to make some from scratch but simply don’t have the space and the time at the moment.

    I’ve done a couple of kits this year: a St Peter’s Ruby Red and a Nelson’s Revenge. The Ruby Red is almost gone but was only 3% at most. The Nelson’s Revenge should come in around 4.2%, but needs another month or two to condition.

    Premier Icon Drac

    OP is still my favourite beer, I don’t believe you John I reckon you should send me a crate for testing.

    I never knew it came in half pints but you learn something knew everyday.


    It is indeed, altho I’ve been going there every summer for nearly 30 years (will be there again this summer), I have virtually no photos of us or the lake, bit of a shame.
    Did you live in Countersett then, when did you move away, where to?
    Friends used to have a caravan in Richmond, recent years stayed in the Rose & Crown or camping by the lake.
    This is one of us found on the internet, taken recently by some photo enthusiast or other (me driving by the looks of it).

    Op in halfs? What is the world coming to. Used to be proper measures in Lakes for OP and XB. Both great beers but only for O five riders surely?

    how about a swap ?
    I could post 6 of mine , and you post me 6 of yours?
    Constructive comments more than welcome .
    5.16% ABV before any fining additions
    Do not prime before bottling , They might go pop.
    Force test some at 26 – 30’C for a week to see how low they go , prob 1008 , depending on yeast and malto-dextrin content.

    XB is def still available in bottles

    indeed it is, in Morrisons Guiseley this very evening.

    singletrackmind, where abouts are you?

    I’ve racked it off the yeast cake into a clean FV, and I have a hopsock with a few bits of styrian goldings (bobek) & a sterilised shotglass sitting in the brew – I’m planning on leaving it 3 days & see where the gravity is then. if it falls below 1012 then I know it’s still fermenting & to leave it a bit longer.

    Up to now I’ve been doing kit brews, and I batch prime half an hour before I bottle, results seem to be fine so far… is this still ok with all grain?
    I use 1/2 tsp per 500ml bottle, there’s 17 litres in the FV so I reckon that’s 17 tsp or just shy of 6 tbsp of sugar into the vat half an hour before bottling. Most of the bottles are Theakstons anyway 😉

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