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  • Stung by wasp now my hand the size of baseball glove
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    Farmer up in Yorks. was stung to death yesterday so count your blessings!

    Get well soon.


    Pics or it didn't happen? (OP, not the poor framer)


    Wake yourself up with a left handed bishop beating session. It will feel like you have a fat burd !

    Too scary re the farmer
    you never know if it is you who is going to react
    sorry no pics as I lack camera or the skills to post pics

    I'll give that a big thumbs up!

    I get stung quite a lot through the job. I find if they come up straight away then they are no problem. The worse ones are those that come up after a day or so.

    Not being melodramatic, but get to your doctors ASAP. Ring for an urgent appointment, and tell the receptionist that you've got an infected insect bite. You need to be seen NOW. There is serious risk of septicaemia, and if untreated can cause you to lose your hand, or in the worse case, your life.

    Don't pussy foot around with things like this – they can be serious. Ring the docs, and don't take no for an answer. You need a course of anti-biotics.


    my mate went to greece for his wedding.

    was stung on the arm, it swelled up a lot, he left it an went out on the lash.

    felt very ill the next day went to doctors they sent him to hospital, evidently some of their wasps have "infected" stings, he narrowly avoided blood poisoning evidently and spent the night in hospital.

    just to put your mind at rest like…

    I got the sting on my left hand yesterday afternoon it is very swollen and I am very snoozy antihitamines


    I have a gurt big hole in my right hand little finger knuckle where something stung/bit me, was very odd turned into a big lump and had some dark red/black thing inside it, I'm sure it was a spider baby egg and that its now been transfered into my blood stream up to my brain. strangely enough I don't feel any different, apart from a penchant for the occasional bouts of spontaneous flying insect consumption.


    I got stung by a bee the other week…..charged be £25 for a small jar of honey 🙂

    Already seen the quack and have been told to keep a close eye on my hand and if it does not look better tomorrow its antibiotics
    fun fun
    its cocked up my trip to Wasdale

    Wake yourself up with a left handed bishop beating session. It will feel like you have a fat burd !

    But also that you are hung like an Argos biro.

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    The wasps seen to be vicious this year.
    I got stung Tuesday evening, just riding along. It's kept me awake the last few nights.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.


    Where I used to work, we had stuff sent from all different countries, mostly Japan and sometimes there were a few hidden bugs in the boxes. One workmate got bit by one of the fella's and he had a terrible reaction to it. The hospital had to open the wound up and it had to stay open and be treated as such, to get rid of the infection. His arm was a right mess for ages.
    Some people do suffer with Anaphylatic Shock which means they can die from bee stings. If I were you, I'd get it checked out as it could be an infection and could get more serious.

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    He's already said he's had it checked out!


    Probably best to get it checked out.

    If it doesn't look better tomorrow, you might need antibiotics. I would get a doctor to have a look at it.


    I got stung on the lips at SITS two hours before the start, that's obviously why I didn't win.


    Definitely get it checked out…. I like that Blue Peter wasp trap. I'm gonna try one of those… What flavour jam is best….?

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