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  • Stumpjumper FSR Expert Evo – anyone ridden one?
  • SamB

    I’m umming and ahhing about a new trail/AM frame. Shortlist at the moment is SC Solo/Bronson, Intense Carbine 26/27.5/29, BUT I’ve just seen the Stumpy Evo.

    Not had a Specialized for a while (the last one I had was an ’03 Enduro SX) though… So has anyone ridden the Evo SJ? It’s a bit slacker/lower than the normal Stumpy, with 150mm travel in the 26″ flavour – sounds good on paper!

    think this will be my next bike probably next year, im not bothering with the 26 version now as they are clearly going to kill it off for 27.5, seems pointless having the 26 right now

    the 29er looks a bit to odd for some reason to me, ill be waiting to see what they do with next years lineup

    but on paper it looks great 26.6 lbs out the box should climb like a goat


    Yeah the wheel size thing is my only worry – I’m going to try and demo a 26/27.5/29 in the Santa Cruz and Intense ranges as I’ve only ever ridden 26s before.

    Not sure about the overall weight, I’d be buying it frame only as I’ve seen one in this genius colour scheme 😀

    😆 jesus sam thats gopping! the lovely stealth one is the way to go, not that lairy thing ha!

    ohh right sorry thought you meant the full bike, well it builds upto 26.6lbs with pikes, x01, and standard roval wheels, so i cant imagine any build will beavy!

    EDIT : infact the 26.6lbs was for the 29er version!!! jesus the 26″ ones got to be close to 25lbs all in?!?! same build spec only smaller wheels and frame = less weight

    i just wouldnt bother getting a 26er new frame personally now as much as it pains me to say, unless you get an incredible discount


    I’ve got the 2012 26″ evo comp. One of the most fun bikes i’ve ever ridden and certainly the best full suspension bike i’ve tried.

    The geometry and suspension balance are both amazing. The only thing I swap it for would be the carbon version.

    I wouldn’t worry about the wheelsize, the bike superb regardless.


    I have the same short list and hoping to demo them all this weekend at a demo day organised by my LBS.

    From the throw your leg over in the bikeshop test and looking at the spec my preference is


    The SC is at the bottom at the moment as it costs more for the same spec than the other 2 and I think I am between sizes as it has a short TT. I have short legs and a long body, so I like the TT length of the Large but the standover of the Medium so I suspect it wont fit me

    Spesh is at the top because of VFM and it has a longer TT. But not tried a 29er so might love it or hate it, demo will tell.

    The intense is in the middle because Ive had one before and have a soft spot for them!

    Hoping the demo creates some clarity and not more confusion

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I had a pretty short thrashy ride on a 26er at innerleithen, it was really bloody good. Did feel a little bit front-endy to me (Specializeds generally do, I don’t know why this is) but instantly comfortable and inspiring

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