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  • Stumpjumper Evo – How well does it pedal and climb?
  • boxxer7

    I’ve got the carbon evo and it pedals really well, far better than my Mega before it did, it’s seriously light too so climbing doesn’t feel like its really hard work, it does wander a bit when it’s really steep mind and the BB is really low too so you need to think ahead to avoid clouting the pedals into things.

    Tbh I bought it as I was fed up with the mega being so compromised going up, don’t get me wrong it would go upwards but it was slow hard work and was cramped due to the seat tube angle. In comparison the evo is really fast going up and just as quick going down which is what I wanted. It’s a fast bike that’s for sure.


    Comp evo here, no issues with the climbing, im the one holding it back. Its a great bike, ive done all sorts on it living in South Wales.

    Hearing that the Enduro comp will be 2600 for 2014 would make me think about getting that over the Stumpy evo tho.


    Thinking of swapping my DH and xc bike for an all rounder and am looking at the stumpy evo.

    My previous experience with horst link bikes hasn’t been good, my 2010 enduro wallowed when climbing and the Chumba Xcl climbed like a 3 legged dog (shock tune on both may have something to do with it).

    I’ve read the shock has a decent tune on it and the linkage has been tweaked, but how well does the stumpy evo go uphill and pedal?


    No issues with mine, just gushing praise.


    Extremely capable bike, no need for other bikes now, the Stumpy Evo does it all for me. BB height is a consideration when riding tight rocky/stumpy trails, but you soon get used to it and I’ve had pedal strike related stacks on bikes with much higher bb’s – reading the trail and pedal timing is the key. No complaints with the efficiency, seated/climbing it’s as good as anything I’ve ridden in this travel range. Standing and pushing hard there is some movement (despite shock setup) but it’s minimal and still better than many. Have always preferred Horst-Link bikes over anything else for overall performance, and am not a believer in the term “over biked” – you ride what you choose to ride right? so to have a bike that’s solid, stiff, fast, nimble and fun to ride, storms descents and isn’t a chore to climb on means there’s little I can complain about. Only niggle has been the OSBB – creaky with the threaded bb adaptor and took a few removals/re-fits to fix. Mine’s a large, feel free to mail if you are in the south east and want to try it.


    I have a 2012 carbon evo with Talas kashima forks. Climbs well and i only ever drop the travel for really steep stuff, but that isn’t often and i am thinking of switching to some Floats again.

    i am getting my RP23 PUSH’d thus week and i know you can get them to firm up the damping more for climbing if you need it.

    Pedal strikes from low BB not an issue if you pay attention and it becomes second nature to adapt your riding style after a while.

    pedals really well uphill with SPDs but i am back on flats and its not an issue at all. Took it round the W2 at Afan the other week. Perfect bike for it.


    You don’t have a DH bike 8)
    I rode a 2011 stumpy carbon evo at 2011 qecp demo day. It was ok but i rode the 2011 epic carbon evo i liked it better, shot up the climbs and felt nimble on the downs.


    Seems like good feedback all round. Maybe spesh have nailed the shock tune this time.

    Not too fussed about pedal strikes, I normally have bikes with low BB’s as I run offset bushings on my full suss bikes.

    Cheers for the offer Jim, I’ll send you an email.

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