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    Has anyone hired a stump grinder and done the job themselves. we’ve been quoted £250 to remove 8 stumps or we could hire the machine for a day for £60. Just wondering what its like to use. Ta

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    I thought this was going to be about amputee fetish app…

    Stump grinder? Anyone?… I’ll get my coat


    I have had Geoff the grinderman in a few times and he uses a serious bit of kit with a V-twin motor and it has broken a couple of times (teeth, and belt etc) because they (and you) take a right hammering. If your 8 stumps are a reasonable size or hard wood or just difficult shape etc then it will take you days with a toy grinder from a hire shop. Its not just the stump it also any horizontal roots.

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    I don’t see nothin wrong, with a little stump ‘n’ grind.

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    Depends on why you want to remove them, if they’re in a lawn, not too big (six inch or so) and you want to grass over them and, a small hired one will probably suffice. However, if you want to remove completely anything substantial then a larger piece of kit might be needed. Our work one is a v-twin, drinks petrol and blunts teeth for fun.

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    Thanks for the replies, seems like we’ll be paying the man 🙂


    The machine I hired was a beast and destroyed three tree stumps pretty easily. Heavy machine to move around but once in position was great fun!

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    Saw a 360 mounted one at work once, prep. before road construction.
    They called it a stump-f***er.
    Just thought I’d share, of no use to you.

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    I’ve got a 14 inch oak stump in my lawn, inherited when we moved in

    I guessed it’d take some major equipment to shift, so I left it (14 years in and not rotting at all)


    We found it was cheaper to get someone in than hire


    Heres me on the job, 🙄


    Theyre evil things, also can you get it near the stump access down side of house etc.


    The man will have a real machine and know how to use it. Get the man.


    How big are the stumps? If you have time and want to enjoy having something to do then go for it, but if you just want the job done then get someone in.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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