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  • Stuff that makes you disproportionately cross
  • el_boufador
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    Putting glass bottles & jars, or cardboard, ready to be recycled directly Infront of the back door, which opens inwards.

    You have to open the back door to take the recycling out.
    But you can’t because someone put all glass bottles and cardboard Infront of it.



    There is a perfectly good alternative place on the worktop adjacent to the back door which doesn’t either block the back door or risk getting the bottles all accidentally kicked over.

    Or even better, take the bloody recycling out for once.

    Does my head in.

    I never say anything, obviously.

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    A combination of that ^^ and

    Leaving recycling on the work surface not in the bin below it.

    Stacking shit up on top of the bin. Not only is it, y’know, not in the bin, but it’s now preventing other things from going in the bin without requiring extra work.

    On the worktop above would be preferable, at least then I can still get to the actual bin. Also, it wouldn’t all skitter down the back if I don’t notice before pressing the pedal.

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    Also also,

    Non-food waste in food receptacles. The innocuous version of this is chocolate wrappers tossed back in the box. But this is where the rot sets in.

    Banana skins in cereal bowls. Used tissues in soup bowls. Chocolate bar wrappers in ice-cream bowls. How exactly do you think this is going to pan out other than some ****er else having to fish around in what’s left of your food in order to retrieve it? How hard is it to leave things adjacent rather than actively creating grim work?

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    Quite a few mentions of the stuff that winds me up…
    Mostly when people ‘Crack on and let’s get it done’ not taking the time or energy to think a few steps ahead and work out that what they have done is create a mountain of unnecessary bullshizz and bother for someone else to be shouldered with later on who will clearly be thinking ‘well, this wasn’t thought through was it’ and said thinker of that thought has to do inordinate amounts of work to put it right or totally undo the previous cracking on effort and then fix up ho× the job should have been done in the first place… arrrrtgh!

Viewing 4 posts - 521 through 524 (of 524 total)

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