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  • stuff on the classifieds that never sells
  • dr_adams

    It does seem weird that people will advertise stuff weeks apart without thinking of dropping the price, something is only worth what people will pay. I also think its strange that people don’t check old threads when there are buyers and then start a new thread only to discover buyer has gone elsewhere! Certainly not exclusive to this forum


    evil sovergin 😉


    tom (taka):

    evil sovergin [;)]

    That is what popped into my head.


    you know, the familiar faces that become old friends. if i think back a few years then Argees custom green de-salvo that was for sale for about 2 years, the curved TT ti bike did that ever sell? the hardcore hardtail that’s been there every day for the last few months.
    or the stuff that’s listed for sale on every bike forum in the country.

    “reluctant sale”? is that why you ask too much money for it because you don’t want to sell it?

    why not just drop the price a little? or are you waiting for the pound to drop against the yen a bit more so you can bump the price up?

    i’m not ranting as i don’t buy or sell much at all from the classifieds just find it odd that people are trying to shift stuff for months on end without dropping the price to sell in a reasonable time.

    flame away:


    The classifieds make me laugh at the junk they try to sell at crazy prices-some close to new.

    But there are buyers out there.

    I sold some cranks here; then months later my old cranks advertised 3 times as much and seen often…


    I think people test the market and sometimes like me you buy a new bike at say close to £700 and then less 12 months later cannot sell it for £300!

    I don’t want to give it away 😉


    Mr Smith Fair Play… sort of! …

    But … “the hardcore hardtail that’s been there every day for the last few months…” is an unfair comment … Only advertised it for the FIRST TIME a month ago (thats FOUR weeks to you honey 😉

    Wouldnt be so prolific but need £ towards my house deposit, and I wouldnt even be selling otherwise!

    Apart from that, apologies to ANYONE that my ad has offended (Hora excluded) … and surely theres more to worry about in life so enjoy you’re ‘flames’ chap! 😉


    I seem to remember a certain nicolai frame that was reposted every few days with a ‘price reduction’ suffix, exept the price never was reduced, despite advice to the contrary. I had to think that £750 for a 4 year old frame was ridiculous, ESP when I sold my 07 top spec 575 complete bike for 1100

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    I wonder if the curved top tube Ti bike was my Litespeed Kitsuma which I advertised sporadically for a few months before it sold. There was no shortage of bellends on here telling me ” Youll never sell that seven year old thing for £700 when you can get a new Pipedream/ chinese thing for £400. Drop your price NOW”
    Needless to say, the buyer for something rare and exclusive may take a while to find and I was in no hurry. Ended up selling it to someone in the Czech Republic!
    Lo and behold, a fortnight ago I got an email from someone in Poland asking if it was still for sale even though the ad on MTBR was well over a year old.

    That said, don’t advertise something EVERY day for weeks. Once a week is surely plenty?


    and then despite trying to sell something for months when a buying is ready to splash the cash the seller turns round and change there mind.

    If you cant get the price you want on the classfieids here, its often a good idea to put it on ebay. Its more hassle but you’ll probably end up getting more for them.

    I sold a pair of forks on there not to long ago for £190 posted, I expected to get about £100 or so for them. People seem to pay over the odds on ebay.

    IOWRider springs to mind if I’m honest. He tries to shift cr*p all day long everyday, posting about 5 ad’s per front page. I don’t mean to witch-hunt but he really annoys me, and it’s not like he keeps it just to 1 site!

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