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  • Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Whilst making the sarnies this morning I looked at the jar of utensils on the kitchen top and wondered where the 8 wooden spoons we have have come from!

    I’ve never bought any and I can’t ever recall the wife saying ‘we really need some more wooden spoons’ – they just seem to breed!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    This month it has been a GSXR-750 K7, AGV Gp-tech helmet, Alpinestars jacket…. dunno where they came from… one day they were not there… next thing you know… they were

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    It is possible that there is a wormhole between my kitchen and yours, we had loads of wooden spoons and now just have one.

    In the interest of balance and maintenance of the laws of physics, have you been continually losing jars of ground cinammon? As we have about 4.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Teaspoons & pens?

    I’m starting to think there might be a link to the fact I can never find any at work though??

    Shoes. Many pairs of shoes. It’s like being married to Imelda bleeding Marcos, I tell thee.


    Does anyone really know the origin of their towels? I’m pretty sure I’ve never bought one.

    Premier Icon binners

    Cleaning products. Where do they appear from? Must be the Kim and Aggie fairies

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Must be a Barnsley thing as you can never have enough shoes.

    USB memory sticks. Thaaaarsaaands of ’em!
    From a spell in the bike/outdoor/ski industry – Beanies (mostly unworn!), t-shirts (Some worn, some as bike rags), merino socks (Working my way through them) and base layers (all in use occasionally). All numbering in the tens to thirties numbers.


    Flies, I swat them and more appear and what is that smell?


    The sock fairy sometimes visits, in fact all my items of clothing just appear like magic, good fortune really because i never go shopping.
    Perhaps thats why i always look so stylish.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Shoes and baby/toddler clothes.


    Spoons, you’ve got it lucky… Over the last couple of years a Dining table, a sofa, and a couple of beds…

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Shoes, dead mice, dead birds, dead rabbits, live mice, live birds….


    Oh, and of course cushions… 4 people and yet 4,327 cushions have appeared… Or at least it seems like it!


    Stickers, stuck everywhere. Even go out wearing them unintentionally. Mysteriously never happened before having children.

    And cushions, new ones just appear from some sort of soft furnishings vortex, never had any issue with this before meeting my wife.

    Tracey – if you look out of your window now, you’ll see me shaking my fist. I’m sure Mrs Mitch has shares in Fly London and Irregular Choice.


    Plug-in air fresheners. It seems like every time I blink another one appears, spewing its vile, flowery scent into the air. Christ knows what the dogs think of the smell, certainly I’d almost prefer the smell of wet dog to some of the ones that my wife chooses…

    Things that go missing is another matter. ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!! I put something down in a known place so that I can take it to work or out or something, I turn around and IT’S GONE!! “Tidied” is the excuse I get. I wouldn’t really mind if there was a consistent place where the tidied stuff goes, but there isn’t!


    Suspension forks and electrical devices the last month, I know nothing, nothing at all about these


    This month it has been a GSXR-750 K7, AGV Gp-tech helmet, Alpinestars jacket


    am not jealous of you at siree not me.

    funnilly enough i seem to suddenly have a 1tb toshiba hdd magically attached itself to my laptop 😆

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Teaspoons & pens?

    I’m on to you. Stealing all my pens and teaspoons…..

    AS Jacket Weeksy??

    I had you down as a power ranger rather than middle of the road, must be an age thing 😉

    Stuff that appears in my house:

    Food, clean clothes (and rags), tea, more tea…I have a vague recollection as to where it originates but for me they just appear.

    My garage seems to get the better deal as it acquires tools and bottles of ‘stuff’ at an alarming rate


    Nappy bags. About 3 days ago we had one pack of nappy bags, we one have about 7 from varying brands. I think they’re breeding.

    +1 for the stickers everywhere as well.


    Candles.. Bloody candles!
    Tea bags
    Crisps (which I never get to eat)
    Bags of vegetables (that just get thrown out when they go off)
    Clothes (never mine, I wear the same 4 or 5 items.. No time to look in drawers for inspiration)
    Tea spoons
    Small slightly deformed toy furry animals… Because nobody else will buy them apparently, she take pity and brings them home!
    Tupper ware boxes

    Things that go missing..

    My socks
    My spare change
    My sweets
    My hoodies
    Wife’s glasses
    I pad (I get the blame then find it under her side of the bed.. My fault though)
    Tea spoons
    My beer..

    Ahh being married is bliss..

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Flashy, I’ll take a few USB pens off you if you want to part with a few pay cash or donation to charity of your choice?

    Kids are forever misplacing theirs for school work. 🙄




    Small bits of coloured plastic.
    Children’s drawings.

    I reckon it definitely has something to do with those two smaller people who also appeared a few years ago.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    beer and wine, I share a flat and never buy any, but there’s always a never ending supply! 😀


    Fluff, dust and dog hair (looked for something interesting but failed to find it).


    Lego figures. And Moshi Monsters.


    Washing up.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Children’s toys
    Bike bits (I think some kind of pixie puts them in my work bag where I fail to adequately conceal them and they then appear on the hall floor)
    Letters full of marketing bs


    Vases and cushions.
    Why do flowers need to be put in twenty different sizes and shapes of vases?
    Why not just buy a big one that they’ll all fit in?

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    New XTR hub just appeared in my house this week. Sshhh!


    Lots of fluff and dust bunnies. Haven’t the foggiest notion where they come from…

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Flashy, I’ll take a few USB pens off you if you want to part with a few pay cash or donation to charity of your choice?

    Careful, he’ll wean you onto the hard stuff (Post-It notes and Biros). USB sticks are just the start.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I came down this morning and found cat vomit had appeared in four different rooms!

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Empty wine bottles. I make a point of only buying full ones, too.


    MrsBouy, one day I was happily riding my bikes and windsurfing, sailing all over the place then WHAM!! This female thing appeared and started cleaning and throwing my old clothes out and filling the cupboards with Green Tea and what not.
    It hasn’t gone away yet despite my best efforts 😆

    Any tips?

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