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    good work, but that has to be about the most niche PSA I’ve ever seen! 🙂


    The Seatpost has been stuck in my Scott for years now (06 Genius MC20). I had taken it to the LBS, for the vice trick, and their suggestion was the last resort one of taking a hacksaw to it.

    Other than this the bike has been fine (even the rear shock has been reliable!) the post was at the right height for climbs and I “manned up” with it for descents.

    Seduced by riding a mates reverb equipped bike I decided enough was enough, so it was hacksaw time!

    I cut the post 1″ above the seat tube, but before the long task of cutting slots down the remaining length I grabbed the 31.6mm seat post from my other bike…

    Guess what, perfect fit!

    So I trimmed the post down to the match the clamp, then drilled and sawed a keyhole shaped slot in the back of the remaining seat post, used the seat clamp from my other bike, and voila, the Scott works!

    So a few more years riding on the old girl, and as a bonus this opens up loads more seat post options! 8) (All 3 of my bikes have 31.6 posts, so I’m off to buy a reverb, and figure out how I can make it quickly transplantable, so depending on where I’m riding and which bike I’m taking I have some options!)


    It’s one for the Google archives 🙂

    I know a number of people that have had the stuck / very nearly stuck issue on the Scale/Genius/Scale carbon bikes with stock alloy seat posts. It’s a fairly common problem, the theory being it’s due to galvanic reaction of dissimilar conductive materials.

    The saving grace on the Scott’s is the 34.9mm post is effectively the same tubing as more conventional alloy seat tubes are made from, hence this trick making the remains of the old seat post a kind of super shim.

    I’ve actually seen 2 bikes on ebay where people have claimed they took a stuck seat post bike to a LBS, and the fix was a regular seat post and a shim…. I suspect the LBS did exactly what I’ve done!

    Premier Icon alfabus

    I have no issue with your logic or spannering.

    The last stuck seatpost I had was a carbon USE sumo stuck in a steel RM blizzard – got that out by putting the post in the vice and 2 of us turned the bike around…. would have been fine if I hadn’t celebrated victory by dropping the newly released frame on to the top of the vice, top tube first – huge dent!


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