Stuck reverb hose, in internal routing

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  • Stuck reverb hose, in internal routing
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    Hi chaps,

    I’ve managed to get my reverb hose stuck in the internal routing guide, by pulling out backwards by mistake – so the end that goes into the dropper is jammed in the internal guide.

    I’ve tried pushing it back out, a lot, with no joy. I’ve also tried yanking it to break the internal guide – but again no joy.

    Has anyone got any ideas how to get it back out?

    Here’s a photo to explain it…

    It’s this internal guide, with the reverb end stuck…


    all I can suggest is a flexible claw grabber tool from somewhere like machine mart, though how successful it’ll be if you’ve really jammed it is anybody’s guess.

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    That’s not gonna be strong enough unfortunately.

    So far, I’ve tried 18 and 24tpi hacksaw blades attached to dowel, a Stanley knife blade the same.

    Tried hooking with a loop of cable.

    Gonna try to see if I can thread the end of the connectamajig nut onto the threaded barb, with a bar attached.

    This is definitely not easy!

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    Well, fixed it! Big thanks to Nic at Fallline Cycles in Peebles, we bounced a few ideas around and he had a great idea about using a connectamajig nut.

    If anyone has this problem in the future (which I doubt anyone’s dumb enough to do this).

    Here’s what I did…

    I cable-tied a 35tpi hacksaw blade to some dowel, then glued a Stanley blade to the end. I cut the rubber boot off the internal routing, which exposed the barb’s thread, then removed the blade.

    I then sawed a cut in the internal routing hose.

    I got the nut from a connectamajig, sawed it in half, then chamfered some dowel of around 7mm, then drifted it in, and glued it in place.

    I then took a 6.5mm wood bit, and drilled out the middle of the dowel.

    I screwed the tool onto the exposed reverb barb thread and pulled. The internal routing snapped clean off and the hose came out.


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