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  • Strong prescription Oakley sunnies
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    Right, I know there have been plenty of threads about this, but bear with me…

    Having seen online that I can get prescription lenses [+5.50 w/ astigmatism] for basically any Oakley spec/sunny I fancy, I went into a few opticians in town to get some prices on Straight Jackets. Two places basically said “no problem” since they have a lens supplier that will do higher than the Oakley RX lenses, but two others sucked through their teeth and gave it “Oakley don’t go higher than +2 for a reason”, “the distortion will be awful” (x2), “we’re not allowed to fit lenses stronger than +2” and other such excuses, since these places seemingly aren’t able to supply the lenses I want.

    Now… just for peace of mind, how strong is your prescription? Did you get them thinned (and to what)? And is the vision only distorted right at the periphery? Before I spend a load of cash, I’d like to know your experiences!


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    Looked into this a while ago and looked at Adidas evil eyes as well but with my strong persciption everyone was sucking their teeth abit. Decided to go for contacts and it is probably the single best decision i have made with regard to confidence on the bike. Not sure if you have looked into them but might be worth it.


    Yeah, also looking at contacts, so I’ve got a couple of free trials lined up. But don’t necessarily want prescription sunnies for just biking or activities e.g. walking to/from work with them.

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    I’ve got pretty much the same prescription as you, OP, and have been using fairly standard plastic framed Cebe sunglasses for years (as that’s what my optician stocks).

    If you can live without a brand you haven’t heard of you might find there’s a load of options available.

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    How about getting some Faukleys and (relatively) cheap lenses from add a trial run to get an idea of likely results?


    They’re talking nonsense. Your eyes will quickly accommodate to any distortion at the edges. What they are worried about is the thickness of the lenses at the edges and the intrusion that causes into your vision around the periphery. I don’t understand what this means but my little prescription card says 4.00 and 5.25 for distance and I have wraparound prsecription sunnies, which work fine.

    Go to TK max and pick up some cheapo sunnies then get them glazed. The smaller the lens the thinner the edges will be.


    +5 in my Rudy Rydon Rx and, yes there is considerable distortion due to curvature (lenses aren’t tangential to face) – for about a minute before the brain corrects.

    Never bothered with the Oakleys and not worn contacts since I bought the Rx inserts.

    EDIT: I have the thinnest highest OD glass you can buy – family run an opticians 😉

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    I had fakely jawbones glazed by cilary blue last summer, my prescription is -4.5 and they are basically unwearable due to the distortion. My brain can almost compensate when I’m sitting still but as soon as I move the world looks very very strange and I have really messed up depth perception and a cracking migraine after 20 mins or so.
    I would say that unless you can find glasses which keep the lenses at 90 degrees to your face you’ll have problems*

    *I’m short sighted, I’ve no idea if the distortion would be the same for long sight.


    Hmmm, I might have to see how I get on with contacts then. Don’t fancy the Fakely’s as I want something quality; current specs (Police) have lasted me around 8 years and still going strong, but I appreciate that [BBC disclaimer]other brands are available[/BBC disclaimer].


    Depends on which Oakleys you want, I have a set of transistors and my recent prescription is Astigmatic and maxes out at -7. I am using fairly high index lenses now, which come with there own issues.

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    Other option if you want Oakleys but can’t get wraparound sports specific sunnies would be to get something from the OakleyRX specs range and have them glazed with tint or reactions. I have some Rodenstock sports specs done this way at -5.75 prescription so if you get the frame that suits you it should be possible.

    In a nutshell, it can be done, there will be distortion some people can live with it some cant (own an opticians)

    My son has a v. strong astigmatism (+2.50, -5.50) for skiing i bought a set of kids goggles from Decathlon and reglazed them with prescription polorized lenses, he thinks they are fab.

    Sounds like the first two places in the OP’s comments were thinking a little outside the box (a little more specialist) lenses can come in different base curves (the curviture on the back side of the lens) oakley may stick to a 6 or 8 base curve but higher are available giving more flexibility with prescription.

    I’d say go to one of the first two places and have a proper chat as to how they say they will glaze it.

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    I’m a +5.5 in one eye & had these Animal sunglasses done at Specsavers. They work quite well on the bike, if a bit heavy. I normally end up breaking them but these have lasted very well. Probably not cool but I’m a ging’ger so no big deal to me. 🙂

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