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  • I know theres the odd thread about this but can’t find anything specific to what I want. So here it goes…

    I currently have a Santa Cruz Blur 4X which I want to strip and polish, same as my original mk1 Chameleon was. Trouble is, I don’t know whether I can do this myself (with nitromors and some polish) or whether its better/worth it to get someone else (and who?) to do it. Has anyone done their own full sus frame?

    Secondly, what about bearings etc. They don’t need replacing so I’m guessing theres no point in removing them. Will they be ok left in the frame if I were to cover them with something and nitromors it all?

    And finally, polishing. Worth investing in some kind of buffing wheel thing for my drill or better to just use a rag and some serious elbow grease?



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    If your doing it yourself then invest in a polishing kit, they used to include 2 or 3 different mops and grades of soap. ..expect to knacker up atleast one electric drill as the bearings on the chuck aren’t designed to take the side loadings that polishing will dish out.

    Even with the above expect it to be a long, tedious and dirty job. For what it’ll cost I’d track down a local metal polisher. The one’s I’ve used in the past used to charge about £50 for a motorcycle swinging arm, so I’d estimate £60-£90 for your SC. They will also make a far better job of it than is possible DIY.

    If you are going to have a go then most motorcycle shops will sell you an aluminium polishing kit but they may have to order it. Should cost about £25.

    There’s an article in this months Dirt…they had an Orange 5 polished by Cardiff Metal Polishers, phone number is 02920 867837 looks a top job.

    Hope thats some help


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    There are several companies who would polish for you but the cost would be fairly high. If you want to go that route try the vintage motorbike restoration sites/mags.

    Alternatively, doing it yourself would be much more satisfying and like paintjobs you get back what you put into it. Definitely strip the full frame and get the bearings out if you want to nitromors as it leaves a residue. Also invest in a proper set of polishing pads and the correct polishing compounds. There are loads on Ebay for under £20 specific to the frame material and you will get a much better finish.

    Don’t even think about using just elbow grease, it will take forever and the finish not be as good

    Cheers all… might take it somewhere local and see what they reckon.

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    Did you get anywhere with this?

    I’ve just stripped all the paint back on a frame before getting it painted/coated… but I’m tempted to jsut polish it up.

    Oh and – Is your car sorted yet?


    I got half way through this a few years ago then couldnt be bothered. I left it with no pain on for a raw look. I have now put some stickers on it and built it back up it looks a bit crap to be honest but hey ho.

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