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  • Strava stats vs map my ride stats (or Endomondo)
  • jayx2a

    So decided to run Strava an MMR together too see what’s different.

    Both recorded similar mileage (9.4 vs 9.51).

    Average speed similar but Strave much higher top speed

    Huge difference is estimated calories though. 589 vs 1005!

    Seems like a huge difference in calories!?

    What does everyone prefer? Never tried Endomondo but seems like another alternative.


    Were you running a HRM with that? If not then the calories is pure guess work over using a HRM when calories become a bit of guess work

    Top speed can be down to device sampling or recording time, was this via a phone or GPS?


    No HRM and both through phone. I guess as calories estimated I will just go with better app. Once I decide which one that is!


    No way that any figure for calories used can be anything other than a guess. So many imponderables in the calculation that it is better to ignore it altogether. Either that, or if you must have a figure, just use the same method every time. It still won’t be accurate, but will be reliably consistently wrong!!!


    I assume two different phones of the same model to give any kind of comparison …..

    -and a control set of different phones with the app also running.

    We all know the answer is which ever gives the bigger figures for bragging rights

    Or no wait the correct answer is to toss and coin and use which ever you like the colour of best.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    The only thing that I know for sure is that Strava is better for height gained. It takes your route and then applies it to a base map. The elevation is then taken from the map. Well I think it does that if I suspects your height data is wrong. You can force it to go back to the map after the upload

    Calories is a guess. But I think the higher numbers includes extra metabolic activity after the ride, the lower one might just be the ride

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